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Kreativ Blogger Award/Thank You/ My Nominations

I am so happy that I was nominated by two beautiful bloggers by the names of Brittany & Deja.  I absolutely love reading their blogs on a regular basis. They both have been very encouraging and positive towards me and I am so appreciative of that. It really means alot to me that they nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. They are very Kreativ (creative) aswell and you should check out their blogs because their blogs consists of everything you would want in reading a blog.

Deja's Blog:Click Here
Brittany's Blog:Click Here

Rules For "Kreativ Blogger Award"
Complete Kreativ Blogger Award Questions Share 7 Random Facts about yourselfLink back to the person who gave you the awardNominate up to 10 fellow bloggers who you really feel deserves this award aswellKreativ Blogger Award Questions
What is your favorite song ? (Ace Hood feat Chris Brown Body to Body)What is your favorite dessert ? (Klondike Sugar Free Krunch Bar)What pisses you off ? (Fake people)What do you …

Detox Essential (Fruit Smoothie Recipe)

Hey Luvs, by now you all know how obsessed I am with making Fruit Smoothies. This entire Summer I have made one atleast everyday. It  is a great meal replacement. It tastes good and makes you feel full at the same time. It also supplies you with the nutrients your body needs. 
I make my Fruit Smoothies simple just because it is so easy to add a lot of extra ingredients and turn into a high calorie meal and I don't want that.
Fruit Smoothie Recipe
One cup of Skim Milk/Soy Milk/ or Fat Free MilkOne cup of Fruit or a handful of your Fruit of choice(Mixed Fruit Platters are great)I add both the Milk and Fruit into the BlenderI blend until all of the contents are liquified in to a rich creamy smoothieI then add Light WhipCream on the topThen enjoy

Detox Rules/ Meal Break Down/ Detox Tips

Hey everyone so I wanted to make an updated post to clarify what  I eat when I detox. I will detox every other week until I get to my ultimate goal of 160 lbs. I have detoxed plenty of times and each time I have managed to loose a minimum of - 5 lbs and a maximum of - 8 lbs in one week.It is hard the first few days but it gets easier with time.

Detox Rules

No complex Carbs which comes from processed foods.Eat an unlimited amount of Fruits, Vegetables, and Protein.Drink alot waterDo not starve yourself Meal Break Down

Breakfast: Fruit Smoothie, eggs & bacon or sausage, or fruit of choice no limits.

Lunch& Dinner: Fruit Smoothie, Chicken Salad, Tuna Fish Salad, or any Protein and Vegetable of Choice.

Snack: A piece of cheese, fruit, or vegetable of choice.

I an unlimited amount of water, Shake & Go Flavored Juice Packets, & Sparkling Water.
Detox Tips
The main objective is to practically cut down your Carbohydrate intake. I do make certain exceptions to Carbs and that is from …

2012 Winter Challenge

When I started my weight loss journey my focus was to loose atleast - 10 lbs a month. I want to go back to challenging myself with this monthly goal in mind. So on my blog you will see that I have added a widget tracking my monthly -10 lbs target. I find that in the past it has helped me stay on track and work hard to achieve.

I also added all the important information about my Weight Loss Journey in the Weight Loss Tab above so please check it out.
Winter Challenge

Winter is approaching along with the New Year and  my plan is to reach my first ultimate goal of 160 lbs. I have from now until the end of winter which is March 19th or 20th. I think that this is more than enough time to achieve my goal. I know these last few pounds will be harder to loose which is why I think giving myself until the end of Winter to get there is a better decision. Initially I wanted to get to my first ultimate goal by New Year's but I want to realistic because next week is already October. I do not w…

Updated Exercise Schedule/Detox/New Weigh In

Hey Luvs, so by now you all know I love to switch things up because I have a constant need for change. In all I am very happy with the progress that I have made this summer especially because I have lost  -55 lbs. These last few weeks I  know that I have not put my all in my weight loss journey. The fact that I started working the midnight shift and school both  has given me an exuse to put my fitness on the back burner. I am now ready to refocus and get back on track. This entire process has made me grow to love exercise and I realize the importance  it has on my body. I really have felt guilty because I can count on one hand how many times I have worked out in the last few weeks. Normally I work out multiple times a week even multiple times a day and I really want to get back to that. Realistically I will not be able to work out multiple times a day but I can make time to work out atleast four days a week.

Today was my second day back at the gym and I am so happy that I pushed myse…

Grocery Haul And New Acne Face Wash

Hey luvs, so after the gym I had to stop at Target to pick up a few things and these are the items I purchased.

Gym OOTD And Experience First Day Back At The Gym

*Excuse the face I took these  pictures right after working out.  I am also wearing my "Slimmer Belt which is great for targeting weight loss around the stomach area. You can see a buldge in my shirt and that explains what that's from :) 
Hey luvs, so I went to the the gym today bright and early this morning.  I just wanted to show you all what I wore to work out.
Long Sleeve Navy Spandex Shirt (L)- TargetBlack Spandex Capri's Size (XL)- WalmartWhite/Black/Yellow Jordan's Size (8) -FinishlineLV Head Scarf- Beauty Supply Store Today was a day to focus on Strength Training and Cardio. I focused on my Arms, Stomach, & Legs for a half an hour working out on different Weight Lifting Machines. I also worked out on the Elliptical Machine for an hour. It was an overall great work out, I am just trying to get back into the swing of things so today was a great start for me. I am planning to start working out four to five days week as I used to before starting my new work sh…

Bye Bye Summer Hello Fall (Summer Accomplishments)

Wow I can not believe it is the first day of Fall already. Time really flies by and overall this Summer was the best Summer I have had in years. First off I am so happy to have met so many beautiful people inside and out through my blogs, bhm, twitter, youtube, & fb. I can not stress enough how I could not have gotten to my weight loss goal without you all. I am so happy to have an outlet to be myself and be able to share one of the hardest things that I have battled with in my life; which is my weight struggles. Many of us are united through this common bond and it feel great. You all give me the best support one can have and it is truly what keeps me focused. So with that being said thank you and honestly I love you guys : )

April 10, 2011 I made a vow to make this Summer the Summer I actually do something about my unhappiness with my weight and I am glad that I did.

I started off at 247 lbs  (Sorry no full body photos because I hated taking full body photos at that weight)

Here I…

Wildberry Safari OOTD (Mall Edition)

This is what I wore today to the mall :)
Top- Walmart (L) Juniors Pants- Rainbows (XL) Juniors Bag- JCPenny Shoes- NYC Street
*Sorry my stomach looks bloated but I ate right before taking these pictures. 
My top is  from the Miley Cyrus Juniors Collection

New Shoes (Nude Glitter Pumps)

Size (8)
I saw these shoes at a store at the mall called 5.7.9 which sells juniors clothing and accessories. There were so many things I wanted but I had to take care of other things so I decided to get one thing at that store just to atleast leave there happy. I could not believe that those shoes were on sale for $15.00 that is what you call a bargain :). Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love glitter so for me to see nude pumps with glitter heels oh I had to get them no questions asked. I saw some boots and wedges  I also want . The next week or two I will go back pictures coming soon! LOL

*Yes I was in the fitting room having too much fun taking pictures lol

Sears Haul (Fall Jacket And Jewelry)

Fall Jacket
I stopped inside Sears for the first time in forever and I found this cute lightweight jacket that is made of wool on the inside for sale. It is really comfortable and cute; I love the fact that is looks really light weight but because of the material on the inside it is just as good as a heavy jacket. The price was perfect so I had to purchase it. It has a hoody which is perfect for rainy days.
*I am barefooted in these pictures 

I also purchased a necklace and a pair of earrings. I thought both were very cute.As soon as I purchased it I put it on and received alot of compliments walking around in the mall.

Current Daily Hot Drinks (Diet Hot Chocolate And Peach Tea)

Hey everyone so it is getting cold in NY and I need to make a switch from cold Fruit Smoothies to Hot Chocolate & Tea. So the other day I went into Walmart and purchased some Swiss Miss Diet Hot Chocolate & Peach Tea.

Let me tell you all as a Hot Chocolate lover the diet Hot Chocolate is just as good as the regular one. I added one cup of  Skim Milk, hot water, one Hot Chocolate packet, & Light Whip Cream on the top and below the picture above is the end results of how it turned out. 
Just so you know I limit myself to one a day at most. This is what the box looks like. This is the whip cream I use on the top.

I have not made any tea yet so stay tuned for an update. I love tea and I wanted to buy a fruity flavored tea.

Finally Fitting In A Size 13/14 With Breathing Room

*Sorry my stomach looks bloated but I ate right before taking these pictures. 
Hey everyone so today was my day off from school and work, if you follow me on twitter you know that I went to the mall today. I went store to store browsing around and to just get out of the house for the day. I went into Macys, Sears, Wet Seal, H&M, and the list can go on and on lol. I was so happy to be able to try on Material Girl jeans in Macys in a size Juniors 13/14. It was so roomy and I really loved the style aswell. I even went into Sears in the Juniors section and tried on another pair of size 13/14 jeans in the Juniors section and it also felt roomy aswell. The top that I am wearing in the photo above is a tank top I bought several months ago as an inspiration to loose weight from the Miley Cyrus Walmart Collection. It is a size Large and today something told me to try it on and it fit me perfectly and because of that I was so happy today :) it feels good to notice small changes. To go from …

Skin Care Regime (Acne Edition)

Hey luvs, I just wanted to share my current skin care regime of products that I currently use daily to take care of my skin. I recently have had the worst breakout  that I have ever had in years. The reason being is because of the appetite suppressant I took called Fruta Planta. I used it for one week and my face had the worst allergic reaction on both sides of my face. I now have to take extra care in getting rid of my "Acne". I will take progress photos soon so stay tuned. As for now I wanted to share with you all below the products that I am using.

I wash my face with a dime size amount of "Acne Wash"I spot treat my Acne areas with "Rapid Clear"I apply a quarter size amount of "Cocoa Butter Lotion" all over my entire face

I follow this process first thing in the morning and right before bed.
All products were purchased from Target I forgot the price. 

What's For Dinner ? 09/18/11

What's For Lunch ? 09/17/11 And Recipe

Hey everyone so I wanted to share with you all my favorite meal to make for Lunch at the moment. It is a Chicken Quesadilla and it is really simple to make.

Chicken Quesadilla Recipe

 Heat Foreman GrillOnce hot spray with 0 Calorie Cooking SprayPlace Quesadilla on Grill and allow to brown and get crisp on both sidesCook a handful of sliced grilled chicken or microwave pre made Grilled Chicken piecesOnce ready apply a teaspoon of low fat Mayo and spread evenly or on half of Tortilla.Apply Chicken pieces on half of TortillaAdd Black Pepper, Unions, and Mozzarella cheese on top of Chicken piecesFold the Tortilla in half then allow to grill on both sides until GoldenThen eat and enjoy

You can add whatever you want on them this is just how I make it.

New Target Blender And Morning Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Hey luvs so I finally bought a new blender but this time I decided to buy a personal size blender that comes with the blend on the go cup. I love it and paid $15.99 for it. It is perfect especially when you are on the go. I make a fruit smoothie every morning and it gives me the energy that I need not to mention it fills me up and it is healthy.
Fruit Smoothie Recipe Add one cup of fruitAdd one cup of skim milkBlend until creamyAdd Low Fat or Fat Free Whip Cream on the topDrink & enjoy your day :)

Massive Grocery Haul And Update 09/18/11

Hey Luvs so I recently went grocery shopping and wanted to show you all what I am currently eating. I know that is has been awhile since my last Grocery Haul and honestly I love sharing my food finds because they always change. Everything I bought are foods that I enjoy and are healthy and tasty at the same time. I love food and being on this weight loss journey has made me realize I can still enjoy food in healthy moderation and portion sizes. Just because I am trying to loose weight does not mean I have to starve myself and eat fruits and vegetables only. This journey is a lifestyle change and I find that eating what I want without extreme restrictions has helped me loose the amount of weight that I have lost. I have ups and downs but for the most part I have had more ups and I plan to keep it that way. I have alot of weight to loose and I plan to continue to stay on this journey for life because loosing and maintaining weight is very important and go hand in hand. I got on the sca…

Target Fall Fashion Finds

Hey everyone so I was in Target the other day and decided to try on one jacket and two sweaters. Fall is approaching and I wanted to find some new clothing to keep me warm. I did not purchase anything because the items were pricey but it was fun to try on clothes and have a reason to take pictures.

Weight Update /New Schedule/FrutaPlanta/Wedding

New Schedule Hey Luvs how are you all? I hope everyone enjoyed their week. Well I started school for the Fall Semester  two weeks ago.I also started my new work schedule which is overnight around the same time frame. In all this new schedule has been so exhausting for me.  I felt extremely fatigued and have not felt like myself at all. 
Fruta Planta As you all know I was taking a Weight Loss Appetite Supplement called Fruta Planta. Since taking the supplement for nearly two and a half weeks recently I have noticed that I have had a lot of Acne Breakouts all over my face. When I first started I saw maybe one or two pimple but since then to now it has worsened to both sides of my jawline and it is painful. They are huge and I decided to stop because I refuse to have such acne on my face due to a Weight Loss Appetite Suppressant. I have suffered with acne most of my life but these last few years it has minimized and I occasionally break out during  my time of month with just few pimples…

Last Day Of Detox 09/07/11

So as you all know I started a No Carb Detox as of last week.  I completed a week as of Monday and managed to loose -5 lbs. Now that I am approaching the completion of day 10 today I decided to take a break. The reason being is because I have had no energy and have felt extremely fatigued. Working full time and going to school full time I can not afford to feel the way that I have felt these last few days. Week one I did not experience these symptoms. This week I have and I hate those feelings because usually I am full of energy. Today in most of my classes I could not even keep my eyes open. Even driving home was a task I had to open up the windows to get some fresh air to keep me awake. I do plan to detox once a month for one week only. Clearly my body can not handle more then one week. So I am going back to eating what I want in moderation until the next time I detox which will be next month.

Week #21 Weigh In/ Detox/ Drama/Fruta Planta

Drama Morning Luvs, hope you all are enjoying your Monday especially since it is a long weekend. Today is Labor Day and in NY it is a huge event because most people go to Brooklyn and celebrate at the West Indian Day parade which is full of fun. I was going to go but I opted not to just because I am not feeling well and I just want to be alone. To be honest with you I have been feeling so sick this week especially because my "mother" has been stressing me out. We have been arguing like crazy and it is really taking a toll on me. So this week has been the most stressful for me in a very long time :( anway I will be ok I am just going to stay positive and make myself happy. I know I have been talking about going to her wedding etc but the way things are looking I might not even go. Yes it is that serious, and I really do not want to think about it too much because I will get a headache.
 Detox Thoughts Besides the personal drama I went through this week to transition in to a st…

New Work Out Routine

Hey everyone so it is that time again, I am in need of constant change and I feel that I am getting bored with just doing Zumba. I love it but I want to switch it up and try different things. Ok so today after work I decided to go the track and I walked for an entire hour and a half. It truly felt refreshing because it was nice out and there were alot of people there. It was really motivating to see alot of people who were in great shape jogging and walking. It felt really nice out which was a bonus because there was such a nice breeze. My  legs are so soar and I have not had that feeling in such a long time. So I am going to add walking to my work out routine.

New Work Out Routine

.2 X a Week 45-60 mins Zumba
.2 X a Week 1 Hr Track
.2 X a  Week Weight Training (Focus on Arms & Stomach)