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Grocery Haul And New Acne Face Wash

Hey luvs, so after the gym I had to stop at Target to pick up a few things and these are the items I purchased.


Just Daisy said…
YUM those Panini's look amazing! I didn't know they were so low in calories too OMG I'm going to pick some up soon and I love me some activia too!

I really need some yummy gum to nip my chewing fix in the butt haha


P.S. I have a blog award for you on my site:
TinaDiva said…
@JustDaisy omg they are so good I am craving them as we speak I am on day 4 of my detox and I can't wait to finish and make a Panini. LOL ha ha yes yummy gum is my craving quick fix especially when I am hungry and I just had something to eat.Thank you so much for the award :) omg that was so nice of you.