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Week #21 Weigh In/ Detox/ Drama/Fruta Planta

Morning Luvs, hope you all are enjoying your Monday especially since it is a long weekend. Today is Labor Day and in NY it is a huge event because most people go to Brooklyn and celebrate at the West Indian Day parade which is full of fun. I was going to go but I opted not to just because I am not feeling well and I just want to be alone. To be honest with you I have been feeling so sick this week especially because my "mother" has been stressing me out. We have been arguing like crazy and it is really taking a toll on me. So this week has been the most stressful for me in a very long time :( anway I will be ok I am just going to stay positive and make myself happy. I know I have been talking about going to her wedding etc but the way things are looking I might not even go. Yes it is that serious, and I really do not want to think about it too much because I will get a headache.

 Detox Thoughts
Besides the personal drama I went through this week to transition in to a strict detox of restricting Carbs was very challenging in the beginning for me "mentally". I had moments I wanted to give up but I had to remind myself constantly to stay on track. It is much easier now especially since it has been a week.  I am trying to stay on this detox until I get to 180 lbs. 

Fruta Planta
I am still taking the Fruta Planta Pill it has really curb my appetite. I get full quickly and I feel that it has helped me to not over eat. I feel that with anything I eat I can only take a few bites and feel full. I have not been eating alot but I have made sure to eat atleast three meals a day which consisted of fruits and vegetables. As far as side effects are concerned I have noticed that I am breaking out more on my face. I also have experienced excessive dry mouth, so it is important to drink alot of water. Lastly make sure you keep your breathe minty and fresh . I have had this bitter taste in my mouth so I am chewing alot of gum and rinsing with Listerine. (Fore more information on this product  Click Here or google it)

Weigh In
Ok on to the good news, As of last week I weighed in at 197 lbs. This week I am happy to report that I weighed in this morning at 192 lbs. So that is a total of - 5 lbs this week. Yay :) I am so happy, I have not seen numbers like this since the first month that I started my weight loss journey. Even with all the madness   this week I still managed to have a great weigh in :).

Stay Inspired Luvs


Curliebelle said…
I know it's late, but congrats!
TinaDiva said…
@curliebelle thansk girlie and congrats to you also on your -10 lbs
Just Daisy said…
you go girl!!! I am so excited for you <33