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Detox Essential (Fruit Smoothie Recipe)

Hey Luvs, by now you all know how obsessed I am with making Fruit Smoothies. This entire Summer I have made one atleast everyday. It  is a great meal replacement. It tastes good and makes you feel full at the same time. It also supplies you with the nutrients your body needs. 

I make my Fruit Smoothies simple just because it is so easy to add a lot of extra ingredients and turn into a high calorie meal and I don't want that.

Fruit Smoothie Recipe

  • One cup of Skim Milk/Soy Milk/ or Fat Free Milk
  • One cup of Fruit or a handful of your Fruit of choice(Mixed Fruit Platters are great)
  • I add both the Milk and Fruit into the Blender
  • I blend until all of the contents are liquified in to a rich creamy smoothie
  • I then add Light WhipCream on the top
  • Then enjoy


Glo said…
Hey Girl! I'm so excited I found your blog thanks to my friend Deja at ( I really love everything you have offered on your blog! I recently went back to wwatchers and realized that I'm wasting money so now I'm back to spark people and I'm definitely going to use your blog for information and tips and I really want to congratulate you girl you are my new motivation!!!
Just Daisy said…
mmmmm I can't wait to try this it sounds and looks so yummy and its nutritious #WINNING lol =P

Brittany said…
TinaDiva said…
@Glo awwwww thanks hun & I really appreciate it. I don't blame you I feel that, what WW charges we can do ourselves for free. If you have a strong will power you can do it on your own. WW is good for those who need the support to stay on track. I try to incorporate alot of their plan but I put my my own twist to it.I am also on Spark People you can add me I will add you aswell. Keep up the great work you can do it :)

@Just Daisy lol it is tell me how it comes out when you make it :)

BTW thank you so much for the award that was so nice of you :)

@Brittany awww really? thanks that is so sweet of you. I just checked it out and thanks so much.
Glo said…
girl thanks for the motivation and yess we can do it!
TinaDiva said…
@Glo no prob hun can't wait to see your progress :)