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Before And After 08/31/11

Hey everyone so I wanted to do an updated before and after of my weight loss progress so far on this challenge. I have compared two photos for you all to see. One photo compares my heaviest weight (260 lbs) to my current weight (197 lbs) as of Monday. The second photo will compares my starting weight on this summer weight loss challenge (247 lbs) to my current weight (197 lbs) as of Monday. This will be the last pair of photos you will see of myself until I get to 180 lbs. I hope these next -18 lbs makes a difference in my face and body because I really want to fit into a Juniors size 13/14 comfortably :( . I still have the two pair of 13/14 Juniors Denim Jeans that I purchased a few weeks ago that I would love to wear. My thighs needs to go down in order to make that happen lol :) I am hoping this detox will help me get to the 180's with in the next few weeks or so.

Before Picture 260 lbs  (January 2011)                 After Picture 197 lbs (August 2011)
-  63 lbs

Before Picture: …

Love For Pink

Detox Challenge Round #2

Hey everyone so I have decided to go on a detox challenge once again. Many of you who follow my blog are aware that I have detoxed in the past and was successful. I was able to loose -10 lbs in two weeks, which was a great feeling. Well I have decided that it is that time again for me to sacrifice Carbs and detox for atleast two weeks or more. I really want to detox for a few reasons, one is because my mother's wedding is next Saturday and I am planning on buying a dress next Friday and I want to loose as much as I can especially because everyone will there. I really just want to look my best in whatever it is I decide to wear to the wedding because all eyes will be on me especially since it has been so long and because I have lost weight alot of weight. Anyway the Detox starts today and ends in two weeks. I will continue to weigh in on Monday's. I just will make a special post concluding my detox and my overall weight loss on this challenge. I may do it until I am exactly 18…

Week #20 Weigh In/ Onderland/ Fruta Planta

Wow time flies so today is week # 20 of my Summer Weight Loss Challenge. I cannot believe it has been 5 months already. With a few more weeks of Summer left as I mentioned in my last post I am still trying to loose another -8 to -10 lbs before the Summer ends on September the 23rd. I weighed in today at 197 lbs. I am officially in Onderland yayyyyyyy. I have not been in Onderland since 2005 so this feels great. This week was a good week and I am happy to have lost -3 lbs. It has been so long, several weeks actually since I have lost - 3 lbs. I have been loosing - 2 lbs for the last few weeks besides last week which I lost  -1 lb. Today is another special day for me because overall on this Summer Challenge I lost - 50 lbs. So in retrospect 5 months and 50 lbs lighter. This is the longest I have ever been on any weight loss journey with out giving up.
This week I started taking a diet supplement called Fruta Planta there are two versions a Green One & a Pink One.

It is a Chinese su…

Last Summer Goal/ Flash Back Picture/ Quick Update

Hey Luvs, so as you know we have about three more weeks and five days of Summer of 2011 left  (If I calculated correctly starting on Monday). Although I have accomplished my Summer Goal I still would like to continue to loose another 8-10 lbs bringing me in the low 190's before the Summer is over. I would like to loose -2 lbs a week if possible. I plan to continue to exercise four times a week and eat healthy in moderation as I always do. Monday is my weigh in and I hope to be atleast 199 lbs. Either way I have accomplished alot and I am doing just great to even get to this point. I reflect back to when I weighed 260 lbs and I realized that I never ever ever lol want to be that weight again. With all of the work and sacrifice that I put into getting to this point today,I refuse to let myself go back and resort to my emotionally eating days. Today I feel lighter on my feet and I can breathe easier and besides the other vain things those two things are the most important to me. All…

Motivation Tip Of The Day 08/27/11

This is just so fitting to how I felt today and reading this a few times has allowed me to reflect and I feel so much better. I wanted to share this with anyone who also needs to be reminded to be positive. We all need to especially in moments when we doubts ourselves because of other's jealousy. 

Why Do I Let Them Effect Me?

I try to be strong and in moments like this I find that it is so hard for me to do. I am always the one uplifting up others yet I can not even uplift myself up right now. I am only human and though words are just words, I would be lying if I told you they did not hurt. My question is why do people find it ok to bring down others? If you love someone why intentionally hurt them? What is it that you gain from bringing others down? I have humbled myself alot because I use to be the person who would go off on anyone and everyone who had something negative to say about me in front or behind my back. These days I try to be the bigger person and brush it off and not let it effect me but fact is it does. Lately I have experienced several people in my personal life who has made subliminal comments to me regarding my weight and I am tired of it. I am so tired of defending myself to people who clearly enjoy getting to me. Fact is I have struggled with my weight all of my life. Through the ups an…

Shopping For The Perfect Dress (Wedding Edition)

Hey everyone so yesterday I was on a hunt for the perfect dress to wear to my mother's wedding. My mother is getting married in a few weeks and I figured now is the perfect time to look around for ideas. I went in to a few stores with an open mind because I was unsure what I wanted. Shopping was not that bad there was a lot of options for a size 14 and 16. I am in between both sizes depending on the fit. I wanted to show you a few dresses that I really liked. I did not purchase anything because I still want to shop around and two I am still loosing weight and I do not want to get a dress now and in a few weeks it might not fit my in the places that I need to.

This was my favorite dress of all the dresses I tried on but it cost $259.99 :(  and that is way over budget considering I will need to buy shoes and a purse aswell. Either way I had to try it on and I am glad I did. It fit very nice on me and considering that I did not have a girdle or bra on in this dress I am quite please…

Before And After HW 260 lbs CW 200 lbs

Summer Goal Complete Week # 19 (08/22/11)

Good morning Luvs so today is Weigh In Monday and I am happy to report that I have accomplished my Summer Goal. I weighed in at 200 lbs and I never thought this day would come but it has and it feels great. For once in my life I have stayed consistent with my weight loss journey and this is a huge accomplishment for me. With the ups and downs on this weight loss journey seeing this day has made it all worth it. I will be the first one to tell you that it is hard to change bad habits but with time and effort you can do it. This weight loss journey was not an overnight process. The more weight you have to loose is the more time and effort you must put into staying focused. There are so many temptations out there but it is up to us how we learn to deal with it. I was an emotional eater and after high school I was not as active so that is how I began to gain weight. This journey made me realize I needed to take better care of myself because I am young and I want a better life for myself.…

My New Shoes (Multi Color Glitter Wedges)

Hey everyone so I wanted to show you all my new pair of wedges that I ordered from Brunella Shoes on Facebook. First let me tell you that the Postal Service sent my shoes to my twin brother's address which I do not know why, because I request everything I order online to my address. Well to make a long story short when they attempted to deliver my shoes they sent it to his address and he was not home. They then decided to send my shoes back.  I had to fight to get it to be sent to my address etc and it was so stressful but nonetheless I am happy they sent it back but can you believe after an endless amount of phone calls they sent it back to my brother's address, thankfully he was home so I just overlooked the fact that the Postal Service clearly had me going in circles just to get my shoes. Anyway I went to pick up my shoes at my brother's today after work. I looked like a kid in the candy store tearing up my box inorder to get to my shoes. They were worth the wait becau…

Loving The Nicki Minaj Hair Look

Taking these pictures has made realize that I have lost alot of weight especially in my face - 59 lbs really makes a difference. Anyway sorry that the bang looks flat and uneven but I just cut the bang myself lol.

Full Body Photos Update ( Summer Shorts Edition)

Hey everyone so today was a beautiful day in NY and I wanted to take updated body photos of myself especially since I have worked so hard this Summer to loose weight. I have not weighed myself since my Weigh In on Monday and I figured why should I wait for the scale to say 200 lbs to take full body pictures especially when I am 201 lbs. 1 lb will not make a difference in the pictures so I took advantage of the fact that I had someone to finally take pictures of me and I could not pass up this opportunity. I felt great and very confident. I have not felt like this since H.S. I got alot of compliments and that made me feel comfortable with my body. I just can not wait to see how I transform as I loose more weight. Taking pictures makes me see that I am loosing weight. With my own eyes I still see regular Tina. Today was the first time I saw my best friend in months she was shocked and kept complimenting me over and over saying how I lost so much weight in my face and in my body and how…

Thrift Store Haul And Target Haul

Hey everyone so today was my first time actually purchasing anything  from a thrift store. I wanted to share with you all a few things that I purchased. I also went to Target and ended up purchasing a pair of shoes.

I really love the items I purchased today  because they all are quality items not to mention the prices were perfect. I am going to start visiting different thrrift stores because I really like the idea of buying vintage pieces. I was shocked that this Red INC jacket actually fit me. It is made by a very high end brand called  INC ,which is commonly sold in Macys. The jacket was a size Medium and clearly I can not fit a juniors medium but this jacket is in a women's size and I am just happy it fit me because when I saw it I knew for the price if it did not fit I would of found a way to make it work for me lol.

Like they say what is one person's trash is another's treasure. I found alot of treasure today :) so I am really happy.

Stay Tuned I have plenty of Haul…

New Hello Kitty Tote Bag

I purchased this cute Hello Kitty Tote Bag for $19.99 at Target it was love at first sight. I am a huge Hello Kitty fan so I knew that I had to have it.

Nicki Minaj Inspired Hair On A Budget

Hey everyone so finally I got my new wig in the mail and I really like it. It is a different look for me but I love it. I love the fact that it is so long because I love to "Whip My Hair" JK. The wig is is about 18" to 22" long and it is Synthetic so you can not apply heat to it :( unfortunately I made that mistake yesterday and tried to curl the bangs and it shriveled up and became very course, So I then had to cut the bang shorter but it is still very pretty. The wig is not shiny as the picture is portraying it is just the flash of my camera that makes it appear that way, so I apologize about that. This will be my new protective hairstyle because my edges are so thin from my neglect with my past hair weaves. So I am going on a new hair journey. I am going to conrow my hair and treat it every two weeks and wear wigs until I am happy with my hair growth. My hair is in need of a hair cut because I have so much damaged ends but I am afraid that someone will make me …

Pink Lemonade

This look focuses on taking two basic pieces which is the white tank top and denim boyfriend jeans and the accessories  introduces color blocking. Pink and Yellow are fun summer colors so it will bring out any basic outfit.

(2011 Summer Shape Up Challenge Week #18)

Morning my Luvs, I just woke up and of course the first thing I did this morning was jump on the scale to see how much weight I lost this week. I must admit I was so nervous especially of my TOM and because it seems that as I get closer to my Summer Goal the slower my weight loss has been etc. Well today I weighed in at 201 lbs so I lost - 2 lbs this week and guess what I am happy with that. Normally I would expect more of a weight loss but I am so proud of myself and I will take the - 2 lbs happily. I need to give myself more credit because usually I don't. So I am now one pound away from being 200 lbs which is my Summer Goal. To think that in April, which is when I started this Summer Challenge I was 247 lbs and now I am 201 lbs and this is simply amazing. - 46 lbs in four and a half months is an accomplishment considering all I did was exercise and eat in moderation of whatever I want. I never thought I could loose this amount of  weight on my own. It is so weird because I hav…

Smooth Sailing

This look is perfect for a night out with the girls. It is classy yet fun at the same time. I love the the pop of red to make the outfit stand out.

Motivation Tip 08/14/11

Check In 08/13/11 Random Thoughts (No Limitations)

Hey everyone hope you all are doing great. I am blogging to let you all know that I am still staying focused. Although today I feel like blah. I just don't know how to feel it is the TOM for me and so my emotions are all over the place. I am just thinking about everything and as usual I am stressing myself out. I need to relax because I know worrying and stressing will not make things better. I broke out with a few pimples on my face because of my TOM and I feel really bloated and I am not happy or in the best of moods. I am just thinking of how unsure I feel about  telling myself it is ok to go out and have fun. Since I have been on my weight loss journey I have been very low key from going out with my friends. The summer went by and I can't even count how many times I have declined going out with friends. I just feel like I want to wait until I get to about 180 or 170 lbs. I think I am afraid that I might then prolong some more and say no I will wait until I get to 150 lbs …

Morning Thoughts 08/11/11

Goodmorning everyone I just feel so energized this morning. I woke up and worked out and now I am drinking my mango smoothie which is so delicious. I am so determined to loose the three lbs that I need to get to my Summer Goal for Monday’s weigh in. I am so close and looking back at when I started this challenge a few months ago it just feels great to know how hard I have worked towards loosing these -47 lbs. Overall I have lost -44 lbs and went from a size 17/18 to a size 14 in just a few mths and I feel great. This is just the beginning and to achieve my half way goal next week will make me the happiest ever. I will make a Vlog on my Youtube Channel once I do and take some new pictures for my blog. My treat is getting my hair done and an outfit I am going all out because I have worked so hard.

Motivation Tip 08/08/11

(2011 Summer Shape Up Challenge Week #17)

Goodmorning everyone so today is judgement day and I am reporting to you all as I promised. Weekly Weigh In's are back every Monday. So my first week of August was gladly a success and I am happy with the changes that I have made. I am exercising more and eating more fruits and vegetables aswell. My workout plans has changed. I worked out four days this week for almost three hours each session. I worked out to Zumba Sculpt And Tone, Zumba Live, and Zumba Flat Abs all back to back. I love to dance and this is really working for me. I feel great and look great, my body is becoming more defined and my face is getting smaller and I am really happy. As far as what I am eating well everymorning this week I have had a Mango Smoothie which is so refreshing and gives me a burst of energy to start my day. A few hours after Breakfast I have a piece of fruit. For Lunch I have either another Fruit Smoothie or a Sandwich with a side of vegetables. Then for Dinner I  have a piece of protein wit…

What's For Dinner ? 08/06/11

Hey everyone so for dinner I made Salmon with Tomatoes and Broccoli & Cheese.It was so good and I feel so full now :)

Love For Wedges

I saw these wedges and fell in love with the blue one. I love the detailing and how pretty the blue is opposed to the black. They were almost $40.00 at one of my favorite shoe stores "I Love My Shoes". I will get a pair for sure on pay day :)

Quick Check In 08/06/11

Hey everyone just wanted to check in with all and let you know that I am still here and working very hard towards my Summer Goal. As you know I had a few set back but I am still staying focused because I am so close to my Summer Goal. Monday I will resume my weekly weigh ins so stay tuned for that. AnywayI have been stuck at 206 lbs for the last few weeks then I gained a few pounds last week back from my two day pizza binge. So with the new month ahead I decided to refocus and I have changed my work out routine and meal plan. I promise I will talk more about it in detail during my weigh in blog on Monday. So this morning before work I decided to weigh myself to see if I lost weight and I did and I am so happy. I am excited to see how much more weight I can loose until weigh in. So with that being said see you all then and remember even you fall off track do not give up. No one is perfect and during this journey you will have cheat days, lazy, days, and good days so do not give up.

Food Craving Tips

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What's For Lunch 08/02/11

*Sorry about the quality I was trying out a new app on my phone.

What's For Breakfast ? 08/02/11

*Sorry about the quality I was trying out a new app on my phone.

Officially August

I am so ready for the month ahead I am feeling like myself ready to start fresh and reach new goals. Aside from the fact that summer is going by extremely fast, I am really eager to get closer to my goals. I am hoping that I will finally be in Onderland. My goal for this month is to work out six times a week, continue to eat healthy, and to be in the 190’s.

I will resume my weekly weigh in's as of Monday of next week. I have not gotten on the scale and hope to be 200 lbs. Yes that is the magic number lol.