Before And After 08/31/11

Love For Pink

Detox Challenge Round #2

Week #20 Weigh In/ Onderland/ Fruta Planta

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Why Do I Let Them Effect Me?

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Before And After HW 260 lbs CW 200 lbs

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Thrift Store Haul And Target Haul

New Hello Kitty Tote Bag

Nicki Minaj Inspired Hair On A Budget

Pink Lemonade

(2011 Summer Shape Up Challenge Week #18)

Smooth Sailing

Motivation Tip 08/14/11

Check In 08/13/11 Random Thoughts (No Limitations)

Morning Thoughts 08/11/11

Motivation Tip 08/08/11

(2011 Summer Shape Up Challenge Week #17)

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Love For Wedges

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Food Craving Tips

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What's For Breakfast ? 08/02/11

What Makes This Weight Loss Journey Different From The Rest?

Officially August