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Summer Time Haul/Shoes/Make Up/Skin Care (06/13)

So I watched a youtuber do a shoe haul the other day,sorry but I forgot her name nonetheless she showed these babies and I was instantly in love and had to get them. Not to mention they were only $5, I went to two Rue 21 stores just to find them and guess what I found the last two in both colors :) I am all about deals and this was a deal and a steal at the same time. I paid $10 and change after tax for both shoes. I also bought these cute clear glasses with leopard frames and only paid $1. I forgot to take a picture of them but I have fly leopard booties to go with them can't wait to rock them. Anyway I need to go into Rue 21 more often because sometimes you can find really great deals and I live for those deals.
 I also detoured to my local beauty supply store and picked up new Pink Lipsticks. They were pretty cheap, 505a & 509 was $2.99 and the Matte Shocking Pink (Mac Candy Yum Yum Dupe) was $5.
Those colors are so gorgeous
I also purchased African Shea Butter Cream and i…

Officially A Weight Watchers Member (06/13)

Hey luvs, so I am officially a weight watchers member. I joined on Saturday and everything happened really quick. I was expecting that I would have sat down and had a heart to heart with a consultant, tell them my goals and and go from there. It was the complete opposite, the consultant spoke very quick, gave me the Weight Watchers reading material and free bag then made me get on my scale and before I could blink my eyes it was over. Personally I did not like the consultation because it really wasn't one. I used to be on Jenny Craig and they actually really sit down and cater to your feelings and your well being. My only issue with them was that they were costly and the program would require me to be codependent on their foods.The only reason why I joined Weight Watchers was because it is cheaper and they teach how you to eat in the real world. It is a bonus they have weekly meetings and weekly weigh in's so I plan to stick it out and give it a try. A lot of people rave abou…

Week #2 Weigh In/July Challenge/WW (06/13)

Hey luvs, Happy weigh in so I got on the scale and I lost another - 2lbs. I have lost in total -7 lbs in two weeks. So yay me :),  I have also decided to join Weight Watchers to help me stay on track and refrain from emotionally eating. I will have a post updating you all on the full details of that experience in my next post so stay tuned. I really want to get fit and stay on track which is why I needed to join. Nonetheless this week was a great week, temptation has become less of a struggle for me and I am more in control of myself and it feels great. Keeping busy has helped keep my mind off things so I am happily progressing. I still feel fat and I am still fat but I am trying not to focus on it too much and just keep going because in due time, I will be back to where I was in the 180's fearless and confident, I know I said I wouldn't take any selfies well I lied and took some this week. My face is super chunky but it is what it is. Thank god I know how to angle myself and…

Memory Lane (Fitness Motivation) 06/13

Memory Lane 

I felt like remincing for motivation purposes and was taking a look of photos with in the last two years of my weightloss journey. These photos stood out to me the most because it shows when I started seeing a difference in my body which was when I finally got into a size 16 to my smallest a size 13/14 from originally being a size 18/20. Currently right now I am back into a size 15/16 :( but in a few months I know I will be back to a size 13/14. In the photo collage of Part 1 it shows when I got to my lowest weight of 184 lbs and Part 2 shows when I started gaining my weight back. I have not taken full body photos in the 200's which is where I am right now because I am too embarrassed. In a few months I plan to be back in Onderland :)

Body Insecurities/Weight Watchers/Positive Quotes (06/13)

Hey Luvs, today I feel so emotional, not to mention sad aswell. I get moments where I just feel hideous and today is one of them. I don't know what is wrong with me besides the fact that I am depressed and I hate how I feel about my appearance right now. I just feel disgusting and it is because I hate my body at the moment. I just feel huge and I hate this feeling of being fat. I know that I am to blame so I have to be responsible for the repercussions. It just sucks and I feel beyond unattractive. I hate the way that I look and feel in clothes and this feeling has really brought my spirits really low. What upsets me most is that I have been on my diet for 10 days now and I wished that I saw a difference in my face and body but I don't. A part of me knows that I am being unrealistic and that could be where my frustration comes from. Nonetheless I am blogging to channel my pain and make light of this situation so I do not resort to emotional eating all over again. I know I nee…

African Black Soap (Clear Skin Journey) 06/13

Hey luvs so I have heard so much about the authentic African Black Soap for people with acne so I have decided to finally give it a try. I have been on a skin care journey now for a few months but have used other products to help with my adult acne and my face has improved significantly. I am now ready to take it to the next level with this product. I plan to update with an official blog & vlog once my face is almost clear so I can compare the results and give the best thorough review. I purchased this product from my local beauty supply store which is owned by Africans and they stated its straight from Africa so I had to give it a try. I plan to purchase the Shea Butter aswell next week. So I will keep you all updated.

Eating Healthy @ Wendys (Grilled Chicken Flatbread) 06/13

Hey luvs so I had the pleasure today of trying Wendys Grilled Chicken Flatbread sandwhich (Honey Mustard) it was so good not to mention a healthy option for lunch. It is compared to a 6 inch Subway sandwhich but cheaper and  tastes better. I paid $3.99 for just the sandwhich and I also had a small Diet Coke. I did research on how much calories are in the sandwhich and it is stated to have 280 calories so overall I would roughly say 300 calories  due to the sauce. It was great and I would  try it again. Check it out and let me know if you enjoyed it or not.

*As you can see my pictures of the actual sandwhich look just like the official promotional photo.

Week #1 Weigh In/New Official Challenge (06/13)

Week #1 Complete

Hey Luvs, so today is day 7 on my new weightloss challenge. I am glad to say I have made it and I am very impressed with my weightloss for the week. It was challenging the first few days but I am now in control of my eating and exercise regime. I really did not workout as much as I had planned to but my job requires me to do alot of walking most of the time, so I can say that it has truly helped me keep active this week. I have worked out atleast three times this week which included Zumba and walking the track. I ate very well all week and I am very pleased with myself. From the photos above you can see a few of the meals that I have had this week including salads, fruit smoothies, and other healthy food choices. I have not had much of carbs at all. If I did have any it was from having a 100 calorie Wheat bun to eat with my tuna sandwhich I made this week for lunch or breakfast, which consisted of a vegetable omlette. In total I had bread roughly three or four times …

B Day Blessings (Gemini) (06/13)

Hey my Luvs, so my B Day officially has passed and I just wanted to make a quick post just to say how thankful I am to see another year.. This year as you know has been a rough for me nonetheless I am living and breathing so I can not compliain. Special thanks to all of you for holding me down. I hope that we all can make our goals become a reality one step at a time so don't give up.

I am a Gemini and I love being one not to mention I am twin. I'm really so fortunate that I worked on my birthday because my birthday was on a Wednesday and I wouldn't have wanted to take off and not make any money. That evening my boyfriend took me out to eat and it was so romatic and fun. I had a Chicken Salad and no Birthday Cake. I just did not want to spoil my diet especially so soon. The Sunday prior my family and I went out to eat and had dinner at a Colunmbian resturant. The food was amazing and my family suprised my twin and I with a birthday dessert (Flan) but I did not have any be…

06/13 Small Grocery Haul

I Bought:

 Diced PeachesBanana'sFrozed Mixed Fruit (For My Fruit Smoothies)Oats & Honey Bars

I did not purchase alot of items because I have alot of healthy things to eat at home for the week.

06/13 Pre B Day Goodies Haul and Other Misc Items

My Birthday is on Wednesday and I have recieved Pre B Day gifts and I thought I would share.

I can not wait to wear these to workout in. I was really in need of new workout sneakers and I love the color (Super Cute)
I am so happy to finally have a Beauty Blender to apply my make up. I have tested it out and I love it because it applies Liquid Foundation so effortlessly and smooth. It is a make up must have.
Everyone know I am such a Lipstick Junkie and I love how bold and bright these colors are. 
 Everyone has been raving about the Derma Roller so I finally tried it and I have used it once because it is so painful and broke me out so bad. I am still recovering and will not use it again LOL.

I am on a edge growth journey so I am using this grease daily to stimulate growth for my edges and I just love the smell. It is too soon for results so I will keep you all updated.

I also got a beautiful natural makeup palette that resembles the naked sephora palette.