What's For Lunch ? 09/17/11 And Recipe

Hey everyone so I wanted to share with you all my favorite meal to make for Lunch at the moment. It is a Chicken Quesadilla and it is really simple to make.

Chicken Quesadilla Recipe

  •  Heat Foreman Grill
  • Once hot spray with 0 Calorie Cooking Spray
  • Place Quesadilla on Grill and allow to brown and get crisp on both sides
  • Cook a handful of sliced grilled chicken or microwave pre made Grilled Chicken pieces
  • Once ready apply a teaspoon of low fat Mayo and spread evenly or on half of Tortilla.
  • Apply Chicken pieces on half of Tortilla
  • Add Black Pepper, Unions, and Mozzarella cheese on top of Chicken pieces
  • Fold the Tortilla in half then allow to grill on both sides until Golden
  • Then eat and enjoy

You can add whatever you want on them this is just how I make it.


Just Daisy said…
what a quick yummy lunch! I love this recipe and I can't wait to give it try girl :D

TinaDiva said…
@justdaisy omg it is sooooo good it is like each bite is so yummy lol yes give it a try and let me know how it is.
Febeh said…
Thank you very much hun :-D
I am actually 5'9 and i've always carried my weight very well. im jsut big in my stomach right now.
lls if you wanna go to miami you can actully come with us we're just asking ppl who are interested in going saving up for a nice place to stay during the week stay.
im hoping to be beach body ready by then as well, flat stoamch and some abs hopefully. been doing squats cause i want nice round booty...lol
After my bachelors i am getting my certification to be a personal trainer and then taking a year off to work and prepare for my MCAT exam whch is an entrance exam for medical school
TinaDiva said…
@Febeh wow that sounds awesome congrads to you. Since your tall I can see you carry your weight well. I am shorter so there is no hiding my weight lol. Let me know when is your Spring Break hopefully it is the same as mine :) Go girl you can do it lol you look great now so imagine once you hit your target goal.
Febeh said…
Thanks hun and i'll let you know soon as my new school gives me my spring semester calendar but i know its usually 2nd week of march. lls. i wish my stomach could carry the weight well. that's my only problem area but im working on it hard. you'll look great soon as you hit your target and your more curvy than me so i think that contributes to our different frames
TinaDiva said…
@Febeh can't wait and keep me posted. Your curvy too.
Mahmudul Hasan said…
A yummy delicious recipe.I should definitely try this.
Chicken quesadilla recipe