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I am looking forward to working out after work I love Zumba :)
It is so weird but I am humming one of the songs in my head lol
I probably can do all of the Zumba DanceWorkouts with my eyes closed. I am a pro at all their work outs and I have mastered all of the steps. I also know all of the Kukuwa dance steps aswell lol.
I can't help it because I just love to dance. If I had an opportunity to make my own work out fitness dvd I would. I would combine all my favorite dances from new school to old school. It would be sexy and fun lol ok I am daydreaming yes I know lol.

Tip Of The Day 07/31/11

I saw this on Tumblr and thought I would share.

Trying New Things

Lately I get hungry every few hours. In the past I would restrict myself and eat two meals and one snack. This week with a new out look of things and starting over I have been eating every few hours which is three meals and two snacks and honestly it helps a lot. Not to mention you loose more weight eating more meals then restricting so any of you ladies out there might want to reconsider and try it. I am staying with in my daily calorie range and not eating less then that because I do not want to starve myself because that results for cravings in a bad way. Published with Blogger-droid v1.7.4

Snack Of The Day

These are so good especially when you are craving Cookies or Chocolate.

What's For Dinner ? 07/30/11

Hey everyone so I just had Dinner and I made a Grilled Chicken sandwich. I Grilled a Chicken Breast and added Lettuce, a slice of a Tomato, Unions, Light Mayo, & Lite Honey Mustard Sauce. I used a 100 calorie bun normally I use the 100 calorie Bagels but my mom came home with these today and I decided to try it and I actually like it. I also had a serving size of Broccoli & Cheese which happens to be from my recent haul only 45 calories per serving.

New Month And New Goals

Hey everyone, as you know Monday is the first of the month. It is great to start over and to start working on a new goal for the month. I actually look forward to each month because I get to assess what I want to focus and accomplish for the month. Every month my goal is to loose at minimum -10 lbs. That is attainable and practical for anyone eating right and exercising. My goal for the month of August is to weigh in at 190 to 195 lbs. I plan to exercise x 4 times a week with atleast an hour per session.
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New Weigh-In Date And Updates

I am ready to get back on track with my weekly weigh-ins because it really helps me feel accountable for my actions through out the week. Although these last two weeks I have been "stuck" at 206 lbs then I gained a few pounds from my two day "Pizza Binge Session" this week and with all that I am so ready to continue my weigh-in as of Monday 08/08/11 good or bad just  pray for me that I will be 200 lbs by then lol. I am back on track and ready for the scale numbers to move and finally be in the 100's. No matter what I am not giving up and I am back to eating in moderation what I want and it feels good. Having no restrictions has helped me through out this journey and I can not stop now. It is not what you eat it is how much of it that you have.Once a week I will have one "Free Meal" and I will have what ever I want and that will be after I weigh-in on Mondays. Moderation is key so keep that in mind and do not go overboard. I wouldn't suggest havin…

What's For Dinner ? 07/28/2011

New Tumblr Weight-Loss Blog

Hey everyone I decided to make another weight-loss blog on Tumblr if you have Tumblr you can add me at I will continue to post on this blog and I will post on Tumblr aswell. I did not realize how many weight-loss blogs there was on tumblr until I did a search today and I am now following alot of people. I wish blogger made it easier to do a search for blogs.

Come by :)

Brief Review (Zumba Live And Flat Abs)

Hey everyone so I just got done working out, today I did the Zumba Live & Flat Abs workout. It was just so fun and I had a great workout. This workout had a combination of everything even many of the same songs from the other Zumba Workouts. I feel great and with both work outs combined everything was an hour and fourteen minutes. Overall I love Zumba and I am so happy that I can have fun and dance my weight off.

Nutrition Survey (Tag)

1. Are you a vegetarian or vegan? 

2. What’s your favorite restaurant? 

3. Favorite vegetable? 
Spinach & Broccoli

4. Favorite fruit? 
Bananas & Strawberries

5. Favorite dessert?
Low 100 Calorie Ice Cream

6. Favorite sandwich? 
Tuna Melt & Ground Beef/Spinach Vegetable Grilled Wrap

7. How do you get most of your protein? 
Cheese & Meat

8. Do you take any vitamins or supplements? 
No although I should

9. Do you ever eat meal replacement/supplement bars or drinks? 
Yes I love having a Fruit Smoothie for Breakfast

10. What’s your typical breakfast like? 
Fruit Smoothie (Consisting of my favorite fruits, Fat Free Milk, & Light Whip Cream) 11. Does sweets make you happy?

12. Lunch? 
Wraps, Salads, & Sandwiches

13. Dinner?
Vegetables,Wraps, Salads, & Sandwiches

14. Do you snack during the day? If so, on what? 
Low Calorie 100 Calorie Snacks & Icecream

15. How often do you eat? 
Every few hours

16. Do you plan out your meals before the day starts? 

17. Do you count calo…

Motivation Quote

Morning Thoughts 07/28/11

Goodmorning everyone, I just woke up and I feel much better then I felt last night. I am focusing on being more positive today. I am also going to motivate myself to stay focused. It is a brand new day with a brand new start and I am ready to tackle anything and everything. No pressure or restrictions I am going to just continue to get to my weight-loss goal one step at a time. I will no longer beat myself up like I have lately, because this journey takes time and patience. My main focus is to loose 10 lbs a month. I think loosing 2 to 2 1/2 lbs a week is very reasonable and realistic. As I stated before I will do one final weigh-in and that will be once I am 200 lbs. Once I get to that point I will reassess and focus on my next goal followed my my weekly weigh ins. I am so close to my summer goal that I do not want to stress myself out and weigh in until two weeks from today.

xoxo, TinaDiva

What Is Your Dream Body Type ?

This ultimately would be my dream body type.

Do your personal problems determine what you eat?

Q: Do your personal problems determine what you eat?

A: Yes and no. Up until this point I would say no but these last two days I have been unlike myself so I would say yes also. I feel that I have allowed my personal problems to get the best of me. Lately I have felt as though I have been pushing myself to much and the pressure has gotten the best of me.

Words Of Encouragement

Moment of Weakness (Starting Over)

Late last night and today I did something I thought I would not resort and do. Alot is going on and I became an emotional eater and of course I ate somethings that I should have not had. I am just pressuring myself and stressing myself out to the point that I am causing my own down fall. When I started my weight-loss journey I decided to not stress myself out and gradually allow myself to loose weight with out pressure. In return I was able to take my time and loose weight. I came this far and to be close to my Summer Goal caused me to go in "Race Mode" Lately I feel that I have been trying to restrict myself and force myself to loose these last few pounds but subconsciously I just want to get there without the expense of pressuring myself so much.

Well last night I was just thinking how upset I was about my progress with in the last two weigh-ins and being stuck at 206 lbs. Something came over me and I did not care anymore. I order an entire box of pizza and ate the whole …

Brief Review (Cardio Party)

Hey everyone so I just got done doing my morning work out. I did the ":Cardio Party" work out. I absolutely love this workout. I have been doing this work out for almost three months now. I love the steps and I feel that I am a pro now. The work out is approximately 47 minutes and a few seconds long. It has a combination of Cumbia, Reggaeton, Reggae, American Mix, & many more.This work out is perfect for targeting all body parts. The entire Zumba Collection is a must have but this one is one of my favorites.

Brief Review (Zumba Sculpt And Tone)

Morning my luvs, I am so proud of myself because I am getting back into the swing of things as I promised that I would. I woke up at 7:30 am and the first thing that I did to kick start my morning was stretch, grab a cold bottle of water, and worked out for 47 minutes doing the "Zumba Sculpt & Tone" work out. This was my first time trying it and I must say that I love it. It is a great work out and the music and dance steps kept me moving non stop. The majority of the work out consists of fun high energy dance moves incorporating weights aswell. I used my 4 lbs weights and I also wore my "Slimmer Belt" to help target my stomach. I definitely felt that burn in my arms and honestly I need as much strength training and cardio as possible. That is the reason why I will be doing this particular work out twice a week. The workout consisted of Hip Hop, Cumbia, Belly Dance, Reggaeton, and many more. I love dancing and Zumba is fantastic because you get everything you …

Favorite Work Out DVD's (Dance Edition)

Zumba Live & Flat Abs

Zumba Cardio Party

Zumba Sculp & Tone


I am Not Giving Up And Neither Should You !

Hey everyone, it is so easy to give up but what will that get me? sadness and depression all over again? I refuse, I have come so far and I won't let the Devil bring me down. This entire weight-loss journey is like a rollercoaster from the constant ups and downs. Only the strong will survive and I know I am strong but I can not help but have moments of weakness. There are times when I underestimate myself or over analyze certain situations but who doesn't go through that .Almost four months ago I decided to make a summer weight-loss goal and I have consistently worked hard to accomplish my goal. Now that I am - 6 lbs away I feel stuck. I just want to get there and say "I did it'. Maybe it is a pride thing but I want to finally be able to say I completed something that means so much to me. Fact is even when I do get to 200 lbs I am still going to be fat but I will be smaller then I originally weighed when I started my weight-loss journey. I tend to make things more co…

What's For Dinner ? 07/22/11

I know the Spinach looks watery but it is not. The sauce makes it look that way but it was quite tasty. That portion size of the Creamed Spinach was 50 calories in case anyone wanted to know. Overall Dinner was great.

Starbucks Alternative "Fruit Smoothie"

Goodmorning Luvs, so it has been almost four months since I have had Starbucks. Prior to starting this Summer Weight-Loss Challenge, like clock work I would go to Starbucks every single day and purchase a Vente Vanilla Bean Frappuccino.As you know that is the biggest size drink and it contains alot of calories and sugar. I do miss my daily Starbucks but this journey has taught me that I can still have the things that I love with healthier alternatives. I did a two week Detox of Fruits and Vegetable managed to loose -10 lbs in 14 days. I made alot of Fruit Smoothies especially with this heat and honestly it is the next best thing ever. Now I actually enjoy starting my morning off with a Fruit Smoothie because it  is soooooooo good. Today I decided to add a little bit of Light WhipCream on the top to give my Smoothie that "Starbucks Feel". Omg it is sooooo delicious. I combine my favorite fruit, 1 cup of low fat milk, then I blend everything together. I add Light Whipcream  a…

Grocery Haul 07/22/11

Fruit Bowl Light Whip Cream (Put on top of my Fruit Smoothie) Baby Tomatoes(Add to my Salad) 0 Calorie Shake & Go Juice Mix (Perfect for days I am want something sweet to drink Creamed Spinach Honey Mustard Dressing Broccoli & Cheese
Goodmorning luvs so today I went grocery shopping because it is payday and because I needed more groceries. I decided to pick up a few healthy things to help me stay focused on my diet.

What's For Breakfast? 07/21/11

Goodmorning Luvs today is a brand new day and a new beginning.. Start your morning off the right way with healthy fruits and you will notice how much energy you will have for the entire day. This morning I have decided to have cut up Strawberries and Bananas for Breakfast. I have started a new slate and will focus on eating better then I have this week. To be honest I have had alot of Fruit Smoothies and maybe that is the reason why I am stuck at 206 lbs for yet another week. Although I have met my monthly goal of - 10 lbs I can not help but want more of a  weight-loss. I am not giving up and this weight-loss journey is all a learning lesson. Every week I learn more about myself and body. So with that being said no more Fruit Smoothies and instead  I will have more fruits and vegetables in its natural state. My goal is with in the next two weeks I would like to be 199 lbs or 200 lbs and I would like to fit perfectly in a size 13/14. School starts back up the last week of August and I…

Updated Full Body Photos (206 lbs)

Hey luvs, although I am on a scale detox until I am 200lbs I promise that I will not neglect my blog. I promise to continue to post updates as much as I can. It really keeps me focused and I enjoy blogging. So today I decided to take update full body photos of myself. I am currently 206 lbs and this is what my body looks like. I am currently wearing a size xl top and xl leggings. I am happy with my progress and feel more confident then I did at 260 lbs and 247 lbs.
Hey Luvs, I wanted to share with you all that I am going on a scale detox until I am 200 lbs. I am so tired of weighing in weekly but doing it keeps me accountable and on track. I will personally monitor myself and I will be back once I am 200 lbs and I promise I will not abandon any of you because we all are in this together. I am taking a two week detox I pray I am 200 lbs by then. I also will come back with a VLOG and talk to you all in depth about this journey so far, show my progress, and share updated pictures as promised of what I look like at 200 lbs.

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Stay Tuned.

New Sandals

I decided to treat myself and get a few pair of sandals for all of my hard work on this weight-loss journey. I went to Jamaica Ave today and purchased three pairs of shoes for $ 20.00 from a random shoe store.

Trying On A Size 14

I went into one of my favorite stores in the Manhattan called Strawberry and tried on a size 14 pants. It fit perfectly yayyyy go me lol. I am hoping to fit in a 13/14 standard once I am 200 lbs. I tried it on just for fitting purposes. Don't pay attention to the shirt I know it is outdated lol it's actually an old shirt I am still holding on to.
Stay tuned I plan to take full body updated photos once I am 200 lbs my hair should be done by then also.

Detox (Weigh In# 2) 2011 SSU Challenge Week# 14

So today is Day 14 on my  Fruits & Vegetables Detox and I am so happy that I made it. I have decided to continue doing this detox until I am ready to switch it up again. I really feel that the detox is a great push to loose alot of weight in a short period of time. It is hard but if you keep busy you will not think about Carbs etc. Anyway I am not going to make this post long so it is time to get straight to the point. Lets talk about the important things such as my results for this week and my total weight-loss during this entire challenge.  When I started this challenge two weeks ago I was 216 lbs and I am glad to report that today I am 206 lbs. I have lost - 2 lbs this week and - 8 lbs last week. So my total weight-loss in 14 days is - 10 lbs. I am happy because I am so close to my Summer Goal and each month I set a goal of - 10 lbs and I have accomplished my monthly goal. I am hoping to reach my Summer Goal by the end of this month. Well that is it and I will update you all o…

Youtube "TinaDivaTV" Weight-Loss Progress #1

Hey everyone  I posted a new video to my new YT CH Sub Please & Check out the video :)

Plenty more to come.

Video showing briefly my progress of me at my heaviest of 260 lbs to me currently at 207 lbs.

- 40 lbs Down On My Summer Weight-Loss Challenge

I lost another pound today so I am now 207 lbs. I am so close to 200 lbs I can finally believe it. Today is special because I have officially lost - 40 lbs on this Summer Weight-Loss Challenge. I have learned and tried so many things during this journey. What makes this journey special for me is that no matter what since April of 2011 I have not given up on my Summer Goal even when I had good and bad weeks. This journey takes time and patience and that is the most important thing to keep in mind. Today is day 8 on my Detox and I am feeling inspired to continue until I get tired of it lol. 

It feels great to know that in 3 months and 8 days I was able to loose -40 lbs. Especially because I had moments where I gained weight but managed to get focused and loose what I gained.

Overall my Weight-Loss since January 2011 to today's date July 07, 2011 I have lost - 53 lbs

Once I accomplish my Summer Goal of 200 lbs my next goal is to focus on getting to 160 lbs as New Years Challenge.

*Focus …

Detox (Weigh In# 1) 2011 SSU Challenge Week# 13

Hey everyone I woke up yet again feeling refreshed and revived. I am so happy that my cousin convinced me to do a Fruits and Vegetables Detox Challenge. Honestly this is what I needed to regain, purify,and energize, myself. Doing this challenge has made me feel even more determined on my Weight-Loss Journey. I must admit that it was very hard in the beginning but when I had moments of weakness I was able to talk to my cousin and she helped me realize how important it is to stay on track. We provided a great support system for one another. Seriously it is the best feeling to have someone who can relate and motivate you. So Cassandra if you are reading this right now thank you so much and I love you for support because you always keep it real with me. 
Thoughts of This Challenge

This challenge really tests your determination because if you are eating nothing but fruits and vegetables it really takes alot for someone to have self control and not binge. I miss Carbs and Protein but the fe…

"Haterz" (Personal Vent)

Hey everyone so I really need to blog right now because I am so pissed. I really just do not understand why people love to deter others when they are just trying to do the right thing. I can not count how many times certain people in my life who, enjoy trying to deter me on my Weight-Loss Journey. Especially knowing how much it means to me. For example certain individuals, constantly tries to tempt me by offering me foods that are not healthy. When I say no politely they continue to ask me multiple times then wonder why I get upset. Many of them know I am on a Weight-Loss Journey and certain foods I just do not eat. I also hate when certain people find it necessary to make jokes implying that I am starving myself . Is it wrong that I am trying to take care of my health ? Honestly I can go on and on but I am sick of it. I think they miss the old Tina who would never turn down food. I am sorry but I am too focused to give in to make them feel good. It just hurts knowing how they are int…