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04/2017 WLS Update: (VSG) Down - 117 lbs

Hey my luvs so I am back today with an update of my progress since  I am now officially one year and seven months being post op from having I am back to share with you all. In this video I am talking about a few tips that has helped me along the way, motivation tips, my new goals, and how I am in a new head space of positivity. If you want to see more full body pics and updates SnapChat & IG is where you can see that.  Having VSG was the best thing that I could do for myself and I am continuing to work towards getting healthier and smaller, thanks for being apart of my journey there is still more to come so stay tuned.

As you all know I have made sure through out this process to update and make a video pretty much every month so you can check back to see my entire process in my VSG 2015/2017 updates play list, the link is below.