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Detox Rules/ Meal Break Down/ Detox Tips

Hey everyone so I wanted to make an updated post to clarify what  I eat when I detox. I will detox every other week until I get to my ultimate goal of 160 lbs. I have detoxed plenty of times and each time I have managed to loose a minimum of - 5 lbs and a maximum of - 8 lbs in one week.It is hard the first few days but it gets easier with time.

Detox Rules

  • No complex Carbs which comes from processed foods.
  • Eat an unlimited amount of Fruits, Vegetables, and Protein.
  • Drink alot water
  • Do not starve yourself
Meal Break Down

Breakfast: Fruit Smoothie, eggs & bacon or sausage, or fruit of choice no limits.

Lunch& Dinner: Fruit Smoothie, Chicken Salad, Tuna Fish Salad, or any Protein and Vegetable of Choice.

Snack: A piece of cheese, fruit, or vegetable of choice.

I an unlimited amount of water, Shake & Go Flavored Juice Packets, & Sparkling Water.

Detox Tips

The main objective is to practically cut down your Carbohydrate intake. I do make certain exceptions to Carbs and that is from the Whip Cream that I use on top of my Fruit Smoothie.

If at anytime you want to have Carbs make sure it is under 25g. 

If you decide to stay with in the 25g of Carbs limit yourself to certain foods such as Junk Food. Instead have Low Fat/Low Carb Yogurt ,Pudding, or Peanuts. (Limit yourself to one per day) Consider it a small treat.

Do not overdue it with cheese because it can stall your weight. One piece of cheese at maximum or one serving size.

If you follow this you should loose atleast -5 lbs with in one week. To loose more weight eat less than the 25g of Carbs. The very first time I Detoxed I lost - 8 to - 9 lbs. Since I usually detox once a month I have noticed I now can only loose 4 - 5 lbs maximum. Since I plan to Detox every other week it will be interesting to see how much weight I will loose. 

*Stay away from Soda if you must have Sparkling Water. I limit myself to one a day and split it in half. One half  in the morning and the onther in the evening.

I have not been successful Detoxing for more than one week, which is why I am alternating every other week. I find that alternating weeks allows me to not cheat. I love Carbs and I can make a sacrifice every other week rather than Detoxing until goal. I would fail miserably as I have in the past which is the reason why I chose this specific plan. If you can do it longer then that is great but I guarantee you will end up binging. I want to get to goal already so that is why I am doing this.


Kanesha said…
Thank you so much for this! Sounds easier than I thought it would be !
Just Daisy said…
I'm really interested in detoxing, since I'm on WW's it would be refreshing to spice up my weight loss journey w/ a detox once a month like you adviced.

Thanks for sharing this break down I want to try this soon :)

TinaDiva said…
@Kanesha no prob hun and yes it is :)

@JustDaisy yes I agree and I think spicing it up is best especially to trick the body so that it doesn't plateau and get used to the samething. No prob and you can do it :)
Glo said…
I'm definitely going to try this Ive been wanting to do the Cayenne and lemon detox but its to drastic! This sounds more reasonable
TinaDiva said…
@Glo this to me is more attainable with to get great results if done right. I agree the Cayenne & lemon detox is too drastic I would cheat the same day lol if you do this detox let me know how it goes.