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5th Winter Challenge Weigh In

Hey my luvs, so this weekend I spent the entire weekend with a friend and had alot of fun and did not get to post my weigh in. This week was a good week I did not work out as much as I planned to but I did manage to stick to eating right and keeping active. Any who I got on the scale this morning and I am down - 1 lb which is great. I am 187 lbs from 188 lbs and I know I could of lost more but nonetheless I am happy I did not gain any weight. I think having drinks this weekend had to do with why I did not loose more weight but it is ok because I do not drink often.  Next week will be a better week and I plan to stay away from drinking until next month.

How To Avoid Gaining Weight On Thanksgiving

Hey luvs, I wanted to share with you all an article I stumbled upon which is very helpful to keep in mind for Thanksgiving. Most people look forward to being around love ones and enjoying really good food. Last year I enjoyed eating non stop but later on regretting it feeling stuffed from eating so much. Not to mention gaining weight from eating with out boundaries. This Thanksgiving will be the first Thanksgiving that I plan to eat in moderation and avoid gaining weight. I plan to take a two hour Zumba class in the morning and for Thanksgiving dinner I plan to eat one choice of protein, two choices of vegetables, and one choice of carbs. As you all know Friday morning is my weigh in so I plan to continue to stay focused. I refuse to let Thanksgiving ruin my weigh in for this week.
Enjoy everyone and below are a few tips to keep in mind for Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving weight gain isn't inevitable. With a few tricks, you can enjoy the meal without regretting it come Friday. Check o…

End Of Detox Challenge Weigh In

Hey Luv's so today is the day and I am so happy to see it come. This Detox Challenge is really what I needed to get myself back on track. With a few ups and downs with in the last few weeks I was in desperate need of regaining my focus. I weighed myself this morning and I am so excited to say that I am 188 lbs Yay :) . I have lost - 6 lbs in 7 days and it's truly a blessing for me because since getting down to 188 lbs and going back to 194 lbs I really wanted to be in the 180's again and here I am. Now that I am in the 180's again it is time to continue to get down to my mini goal of 180 lbs and continue until I reach 160 lbs. - 28 more lbs to get to my first ultimate goal of 160 lbs and saying that makes me realize how much easier it sounds to say and I really know that I can do it. -72 lbs overall is amazing and getting back to 188 lbs has made me notice once again how my face is slimming down and becoming more structured. Moving forward I plan to continue to eat ri…

Quote Of The Day 11/16/11

"Progression is the key to success"

Everyday I have to remind myself of this quote because this weight loss journey is not an overnight process The changes that I have made thus far has contributed to my overall success. This entire process has opened up my eyes to see that eventually, I will be able to look back at my progression and acknowledge how far I have come. This journey has also taught me how important good health and fitness is to my everyday life. As easy as it was to gain weight loosing weight makes me aware how hard I have to continue to work, in order to regain good health. One thing that is for certain is that I never want to go back to my heaviest weight of 260 lbs. I may have had moments of weakness but it will never deter me of my dream of being healthy and in shape. Even if I fall I will get back up and continue this journey.

Day #5 Detox Challenge

Hey everyone so I am still on the Detox and I am so ready for Thursday for my first week weigh in. I have managed to not weigh myself because I want to see the final number on Day 7. So far I have regained strength eating healthy and working out. Thursday I plan to take a break from Detoxing and switch to Calorie and Food Moderation. I plan to purchase either Smart One Meals and Lean Cuisine Meals for Breakfast and Lunch. For Dinner I plan eat Protein and Vegetables. As for a snack I plan to have a low calorie snack. I will go grocery shopping this week and show you all what I purchased. I feel that I have more control of my cravings and I am ready to get back into the real world of eating. Many of you can date back to my first month on my Summer Challenge where I did the same exact plan . It worked really well for me and I managed to loose atleast - 2 lbs a week.

Black Friday Shoppers Check This Site Out

Hey Luvs, so with the holidays approaching Black Friday is the best time to purchase gifts for yourself and loved ones at a really cheap price. I prefer to shop online for Black Friday because I hate long lines. I found out about this website from a friend so I am sharing it with you all. It has all the ads for so many major Department stores that are having huge deals on their merchandise for Black Friday. From name brand TV's to Computers, and Printers you name they have it all. I just got home from work and I am going to browse around but I had to share with you all first :) I saw a 42" TV by Sharp for $199 that is advertised by Walmart so I am considering to get myself one lol. There is so much to look at I do not know where to start. Ok bye everyone and have a great night.

Day #2 Detox Challenge

Hey everyone so today is day number two and it is getting a bit easier for me. I walked alot at work and I cleaned the entire house and that was as much exercise that I got today. I listened to my ipod and I made sure to dance and clean at the sametime to burn alot of calories. I was sweating excessively by the time I was done which was great.

Breakfast: Tangerine
Lunch: Grilled Chicken and  Greek Salad
Dinner: Salmon and Carrots
Snack: Nutirgrain Bar

Body Shaper For Weight Loss

Hey luvs so I went to Walmart today and I purchased a Tank Top Style Body Shaper for $19.99. The main purpose in purchasing one is because as I am loosing weight I want support and more of a defined shape in my clothing. My stomach is one of the areas I need work in and I have heard that Body Shaper is perfect for that along with loosing inches. Initially I was interested in the Body Magic but when I saw the price I decided to  look for a more economical option and of course Walmart was my best option. The Body Shaper is similar but the price creates a huge distinction in my eyes. I tried on both a size Large and a size Medium. The Large fit but it just wasn't form fitting. The size medium was form fitting and I decided to purchase it. I suggest anyone who purchases one to get a size smaller than your regular dress size.
More Info About Benefits Of The Tank Top Style Body Shaper
With Adjustable Straps it is a superior body shaper that accelerates weight loss trough high compression…

Day #1 (Detox Challenge)

Hey beautiful ladies so I am glad to officially be back, I checked out and I just checked myself back in and  I am ready to be the determined, passionate, and focused Tina who started this journey several months ago. Like the beautiful Aalyiah once said " If at first you don't succeed dust yourself off and try again" and I am doing just that. Thank you all for your encouragement because it has really motivated me to continue and not give up. I am so happy to start this Detox Challenge because it has always helped me regain my strength with my relationship with food not to mention help me loose an excessive amount of weight in a short period of time. At this moment I need as much of a boost to get me back to my lowest weight in which was 188 lbs as of two weeks ago. Looking back at my pictures and videos I now can tell how much smaller my faced looked then. Unfortunately with my moments of weakness and emotional eating I can tell that I gained weight because of how chubb…

New Day Ahead And It's That Time Again (Detox)

Hey Luvs, so it is that time again and I can not stress how much detoxing is the best thing to do when you want to regain yourself and loose weight. Many of you who follow my blog know that Detoxing has been a vital role in my weight loss journey. I have always detoxed for atleast once a month for a week at minimum. It is hard the first few days but it does get easier and help build up your strength and relationship with food. Detoxing has always helped me loose weight, given me extra energy, and helped me refocus on loosing weight.

I will repost below the process I undergo while detoxing and for many of you who are interested I suggest trying it because you can loose between 5-10 lbs in one week in some cases more but it just depends.

I plan to report to you all daily or every other day how I feel and what exactly I ate through out the day. I plan to Detox for one week at a time for as long as I can. What I plan to do is completing a week then going back to eating in moderation for …