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Last Day Of Detox 09/07/11

So as you all know I started a No Carb Detox as of last week.  I completed a week as of Monday and managed to loose -5 lbs. Now that I am approaching the completion of day 10 today I decided to take a break. The reason being is because I have had no energy and have felt extremely fatigued. Working full time and going to school full time I can not afford to feel the way that I have felt these last few days. Week one I did not experience these symptoms. This week I have and I hate those feelings because usually I am full of energy. Today in most of my classes I could not even keep my eyes open. Even driving home was a task I had to open up the windows to get some fresh air to keep me awake. I do plan to detox once a month for one week only. Clearly my body can not handle more then one week. So I am going back to eating what I want in moderation until the next time I detox which will be next month. 


Just Daisy said…
yesss Tina! That's serious I think you made the right call on shortening your detox to one week. You need as much energy as possible girl, and congrats on the -5lbs! [=

Febeh said…
So no carbs for a week. What did you eat because without carbs i dont know what to eat