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01/2015 Weight Loss Journey Vlog # 4 ( -10 lbs Down)

Hey my luvs, just checking in with you all and let everyone, know I have completed my first month back on my weight loss journey and I am down -10 lbs. This video is a recap of how my week went.

XOXO MissTinaDiva

1/2015 (1st Weigh In & Vlog)

Hey my luvs, so as you all know I would be back with an update on how my week being that I am back to my healthy lifestyle. I am happy to report from my last post that yes I lost- 3 lbs. I also included a vlog of how my week went along with more of a behind the scenes of my thoughts and my life on this journey. Thank you for your support and time and enjoy.

01/2015 Healthy Choices (Wrap Obsessed)

Hey my luvs. so today is day seven, which is my weigh in and also my cheat meal of choice. Stay tuned I have a vlog talking about this week's weigh in that will be posted on my blog and youtube channel by tomorrow the latest. I am in the process of uploading and editing as we speak. As you know I am all about healthy choices on this particular weight loss journey no restrictions or too many rules because this is a lifestyle change. I loveeee wrap sandwiches so my one cheat meal I decided to order from a deli on my lunch break and it was amazing. It was a chicken wrap the usual lol. I know you would think I would be tired of wraps since I made  wraps  all week long but I am not surprisingly. It was so good omg. Anyway loves happy eating and stay tuned for a new vlog coming soon. I am about to get settled in my pj's and get ready for my Sunday night shows and wait as my footage is uploaded on my editing software so I can edit it and have the video up for you luvs. As you all kno…

01/2014 Crave Control (Big Girl Issues)

Hey my luvs, so it is almost 12:30 in the morning and I have work in a few hours and here I am restless and have decided to blog. I seriously can not sleep and have tried for the last several hours to try yet I have done everything to make me tired and  yet still I find myself wide awake. One of the main reasons why I am up is because I am hungry (big girl problems). I know I could of had a snack but being that today is day seven of my first week back on my weight loss journey its important I resist at all costs. I have found in the past it helps with preventing a weight fluctuation before a weigh in. On one hand I'm over here scrolling through my Instagram feed and see  people posting fatty foods and drinks not to mention as I am watching tv as well I am noticing the food  commercials is making my stomach turn even more to growl. In my Phadera Parks voice (Fix It Jesus!)  Lol omg if it were not a weigh in involved I would of got a serving size of trail mix lol and sipped on a ni…

01/2015 Sweat It Out Work It Out (Meal Prep)

Hey my Luvs, Im back for another update today is day # 5 yayyyyyyyy I am still on track working real hard as promised. I guess it takes having  a wake up call make you really fight to do something that you know you life and happiness depends on. So today was a pretty calm day no work and as you know off from school so today i ran errands and also went to the gym. I did a 50 minute work out of pure cardio from the treadmill to the elliptical I did and had a great burn not to mention sweat alot aswell. 

I also made myself a breakfast wrap with spinach, tomato,bacon. avocado, and bacon it was simply devine. 

I also meal prepped for the week I made chicken, mixed  vegetables, fish, and a spinach mixture. I love spices especially on my food so I am heavy handed at times lol but I love for my food to taste really good especially if I am eating it. Let me also note that the seasonings I use do not contain salt aswell. I know I also need to use less olive oil but my problem is I need new pan…