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Wildberry Safari OOTD (Mall Edition)

This is what I wore today to the mall :)

Top- Walmart (L) Juniors
Pants- Rainbows (XL) Juniors
Bag- JCPenny
Shoes- NYC Street

*Sorry my stomach looks bloated but I ate right before taking these pictures. 

My top is  from the Miley Cyrus Juniors Collection


Just Daisy said…
Ooooo Tina!

I love those purple shoes so cute and I must have that pink purse!

Psh, what bulge? Girl your tummy looks so flat, love that top too

you look fantastic and fit honey :D

TinaDiva said…
@JustDaisy lol thank you hun. That purse I got from JCPenny for $5.00 one day and it was pure luck. Thanks but it is there I just tried to suck it in to a certain extent lol.