Sears Haul (Fall Jacket And Jewelry)

Fall Jacket

I stopped inside Sears for the first time in forever and I found this cute lightweight jacket that is made of wool on the inside for sale. It is really comfortable and cute; I love the fact that is looks really light weight but because of the material on the inside it is just as good as a heavy jacket. The price was perfect so I had to purchase it. It has a hoody which is perfect for rainy days.

*I am barefooted in these pictures 

I also purchased a necklace and a pair of earrings. I thought both were very cute.As soon as I purchased it I put it on and received alot of compliments walking around in the mall.


Just Daisy said…
OMG that necklace is the cutest and those earring, jacket too!

I love it all :D

TinaDiva said…
@JustDaisy thanks girlie:)