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07/8/12 Weigh In & Good News

Weigh In  & Good News

Ok so my luvs I'm back and thank you so much for being supportive and understanding because this journey is far from easy. The last several months has been hard for me due to pure laziness. Anyway I decided to snap out of my downward spiral and refocus. With that being said I got up to 212 lbs last week and that scared me so much that I started this week with a new attitude to get back on my weight loss journey with no turning back for real this time. I worked out atleast four times this week. I did alot of cardio from the tredmill,elliptical, stairmaster, and alot of walking. I cut my carbs down alot and made more healthier choices. I had a cheat meal or two but overall I did great this week. I fought through thoughts of indulging in bad foods and in the end it really paid off. I feel that I have regained my tolerance to say no and eat in moderation again so yay me.

Anywho I got on the scale this morning and I weighed in at 208 lbs so I lost -4 lbs. I f…