Current Daily Hot Drinks (Diet Hot Chocolate And Peach Tea)

Hey everyone so it is getting cold in NY and I need to make a switch from cold Fruit Smoothies to Hot Chocolate & Tea. So the other day I went into Walmart and purchased some Swiss Miss Diet Hot Chocolate & Peach Tea.

Let me tell you all as a Hot Chocolate lover the diet Hot Chocolate is just as good as the regular one. I added one cup of  Skim Milk, hot water, one Hot Chocolate packet, & Light Whip Cream on the top and below the picture above is the end results of how it turned out. 

Just so you know I limit myself to one a day at most.
This is what the box looks like.
This is the whip cream I use on the top.

I have not made any tea yet so stay tuned for an update. I love tea and I wanted to buy a fruity flavored tea.


Just Daisy said…
You are on it!!!!!! I am so excited you posted this I love me some hot chocolate girl and at 25 calories this will be a guilt free treat yesss

TinaDiva said…
@JustDaisy yes and girl we both will need it especially with our NY winter lol. Yes that is what I love about it is low in calories and there is no need to feel guilty.