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How Would You Style These Accessories ?

Hey my Fashion Luvs, I really need your help because I recently purchased a neon & pink back pack from Target to match with a pair of peep toe pumps that I purchased from ASOS nearly two years ago. As Spring approaches I have found a need to finally rock these accessories and make a statement but the problem is I just don't know how. So my question to you all is how would you style these accessories into a 'Fly Show Stopper" outfit? These colors are over powering as is and I know that I don't need to wear anymore colors so I that I do not look like a "Colorful Circus" LOL.

PLEASE give me some ideas I am clueless.

Collective Shoe & Accessory Haul (Spring Where Are You #2) 2012

Rainbows- $7.00

I Love My Shoes-  $25.00

Shoe Depo- $15.00

Mandees- $15.00

Shoe Depo- $15.00

Rainbows- $10.00

Rainbows- $10.00

Bag/ Bakers-$28.50 Belt/ Rainbows-$7.80


Pay Half-$4.99
Pay Half/Earrings-$3.99 Sunglasses $4.99
Pay Half/Earrings- $4.99 & $3.99

Progressing 2 The Future (Blast From The Past #3)

The photo on the top is of myself at my heaviest weight of 260 lbs on the train last year for Halloween and the photo on the bottom is of myself  in the 180's this past weekend on the train also. It is clearly obvious how much weight I have lost and I am still continuing on my weight loss journey although I have had many moments of ups and downs. Through it all I can not take away the progress that I have made because I have worked hard through my many episodes of being on track and falling off track. I vow to never let myself get back to my heaviest weight ever again. Although I am struggling to get to my ultimate goal I will continue to work hard to get there no matter what.  Loosing my first 60 lbs was extremely easy for me because I was really focused. Once I got to my first ultimate goal of 200 lbs I found  myself getting comfortable and not being as focused. Although yes I am in the 180's I know if I had the same determination I would have reached my next ultimate goal …

NYC Night Out Of Fun & OOTN 02/11/12

Hey Luvs so this weekend my friend decided to celebrate with a birthday dinner @ Southern Hospitality followed by an afterparty at a bar/lounge called Revel in the city .

I wore a black lace haltertop dress with a black leather jacket and leopard wedges booties with black sheer stockings.

This is a close up of my make up and dress. This is a close up of the back view of my dress. I had to wear a bra with this dress because my boobs are entirely too large to go bra-less or strapless.

Dress: 2Cute Sz: Large Jacket: Target: Sz: Large Shoes: Mandees 

We all went to Southern Hospitality for dinner and the food was amazing.

I ordered Fried Shrimp, Three Cheese Mac & Cheese, Corn Bread (which I shared with my friend) and Red Velvet Cheese Cake. I had two spoonfuls of the Red Velvet Cheese Cake then gave the rest to another friend of mine to finish because I was very full. The food was amazing and if your in the NYC area seriously you must go there the service is awesome and so is the price…

Full Body Shot & Bohemian Chic Gym OOTD

Weight Loss Journey- Picture Catch Up #1

Hey Luvs omg I missed you all I know I haven't blogged in a about a week or so since my last vlog. This blog post will catch you up on what I have been up to since you all seen me last.

I went to the gym and I managed to burn 700 calories in 64 minutes on the treadmillI enjoyed a Slimfast Strawberry Shake after my work out at the gymI started The Biggest Loser Cardio Max Level DVD work out
I purchased a women's dieatary multivitamin shake mix from GNC I added a scoop of my new GNC women's dieatary multivitamin shake mix into my Fruit SmoothieI made a Ground Beef Vegetable Mix Salad for DinnerI made a Tomato Omelet for BreakfastI enjoyed having Trail Mix as a snack when I was craving chips
I had Honey Bunches of Oats with cut up Bananas for breakfastI had Vanilla Yogurt with Granola Oats and Cranberry Chunks as a snackI had Chicken & Broccoli with a Diet Snapple for DinnerI took a Kickbixung class and this was my instructor he was great.

2/2012 Target- Weight Loss Work Out DVD Sets (Bargain Alert) Biggest Loser & Jillian Michaels

DVD's discussed:

The Biggest Loser The Work Out Cardio Max & Power Sculpt

Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism & Shred - It With Weights

DVD's were purchased in my local target store for $9.99 each

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