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01/2017 (Breakthrough) Pushing Past The Pain

So I am here tonight feeling extremely compelled to finally sit down and get some of my thoughts off my chest. In the past expressing myself through journal or blog entries was something that I felt that was, extremely therapeutic and self fulfilling to me. Like anyone else in order to express yourself you must have something that sparks your thoughts of creativity, so that you can express yourself efficiently and effectively. I really wanted to sit down and unload all these unsettling ideas and thoughts that I have had, for awhile now but I truly felt that my thoughts were too scattered and I did not know exactly how or where to even start. We are now twenty seven days into the new year of 2017 and I refuse to procrastinate any longer about reintroducing myself to blogging again. I truly want to open up and share how I am feeling so that I can let go and release these thoughts that I have into the universe. Well to start off  I will stop myself from prolonging the objective of this …

12/2016 Weight Loss Update (VSG) Down -114 lbs

Hey my luvs so I am back today with an update of my progress since  I am now officially one year and three months being post op from having VSG. I recently made a video updating you all and included your questions with answers in my last WLS -100 lbs  video which is more through and detailed so make sure to check that out aswell.

In this video I am talking about a few tips that has helped me along the way, showing my full body, and sharing essential vitamin supplements that I am taking. If you want to see more full body pics and updates SnapChat & IG is where you can see that.  Having VSG was the best thing that I could do for myself and I am continuing to work towards getting healthier and smaller, thanks for being apart of my journey there is still more to come so stay tuned.

As you all know I have made sure through out this process to update and make a video pretty much every month so you can check back to see my entire process in my VSG 2015/2016 …

Quick & Easy Dutch/Pigtail Braids Tutorial (12/2016)

Hey everyone so I am back today showing you another quick and easy Dutch/ Pigtails Braid HairTutorial which is a great protective style and yet a fun hair style for the days that you want to switch up your hair effortlessly. This tutorial takes a few minutes to do and you are out the door. I actually used an old lace front wig called Sensationnel Yaki 30 and cut the part to make a u part wig. I then blended my hair with it and was able to achieve this dutch braid style.

Lipstick Revlon Color Blast
Hair Gel: Smooth N Shine Polishing Gel & Hair Mousse