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Skin Care Regime (Acne Edition)

Hey luvs, I just wanted to share my current skin care regime of products that I currently use daily to take care of my skin. I recently have had the worst breakout  that I have ever had in years. The reason being is because of the appetite suppressant I took called Fruta Planta. I used it for one week and my face had the worst allergic reaction on both sides of my face. I now have to take extra care in getting rid of my "Acne". I will take progress photos soon so stay tuned. As for now I wanted to share with you all below the products that I am using.

  • I wash my face with a dime size amount of "Acne Wash"
  • I spot treat my Acne areas with "Rapid Clear"
  • I apply a quarter size amount of "Cocoa Butter Lotion" all over my entire face

I follow this process first thing in the morning and right before bed.

All products were purchased from Target I forgot the price. 


Just Daisy said…
damn that Fruta Planta! Girl I am so sorry you had that reaction but your new acne regime seems like its awesome :P

TinaDiva said…
@JustDaisy thanks and this regime has helped alot so far.