New Target Blender And Morning Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Hey luvs so I finally bought a new blender but this time I decided to buy a personal size blender that comes with the blend on the go cup. I love it and paid $15.99 for it. It is perfect especially when you are on the go. I make a fruit smoothie every morning and it gives me the energy that I need not to mention it fills me up and it is healthy.

Fruit Smoothie Recipe
  • Add one cup of fruit
  • Add one cup of skim milk
  • Blend until creamy
  • Add Low Fat or Fat Free Whip Cream on the top
  • Drink & enjoy your day :)


Just Daisy said…
omg, this is so cute! I want it, I want it, I want it! It's perfect, I stopped making smoothies because it would make too many servings and I would always cheat and have more.

What a great solution :D

Febeh said…
Where did you get the blender i need one like now..
TinaDiva said…
@justdaisy it was love at first site especially for the price lol yes you should get one it is perfect for one serving size get the pink ones while you can. they also have it black and white.

@febeh target $15.99 :)
Febeh said…
Im so getting oner.. Next week is pay day im hoping they have some at the Target by my house