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Plus Size Collab OOTN: Feat FednaJ (01/2016)

Hey luvs, so I am back today with a collab outfit of the night plus size edition with my cousin FednaJ.


Plus Size Tag Feat: FednaJ (01/2016)

Hey luvs, I wanted to share with you a plus size tag I did with my cousin talking about dating, shopping, and confidence.


Plus Size OOTN: 2016 New Years Outfit & Make Up

Hey luvs, I wanted to share with you all my New Year's outfit and make up.
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Tina's Beauty Corner: (01/2016) Holiday Inspired Hair & Make Up

Hey luvs, I wanted to share with you all info on my new hair and a holiday get ready with me make up tutorial.


VSG Informational Series: Pre Op Diet,Preparing For The Hospital, & VSG Stages

Hey luvs I wanted share with you all my experience so far on my VSG journey and thought it would be helpful to tell you all what I have been going through and what to expect.

01/2016 Weight Loss Update (VSG) Down -56 lbs

Hey my luvs I just wanted to keep you all updated about how I am doing so far on my weight loss journey. As I told you all I had VSG on 09-18-2015 and I wanted to document and talk to you all about my progress during this journey. I have lost over - 50 lbs as of today I am down -56 lbs. I am very happy with my progress and I am continuing to work hard to achieve my ultimate goal to get into a size 12 and to be in onderland. I was 280 lbs and prior to surgery I was able to go down to 270 lbs. I am currently 224 lbs so post op I lost 46 lbs. My videos go into details how I am progressing and it has been about four and a half  months since I have been post op. I am due for a four month update so stay tuned that will be coming up soon. I am currently on vacation but I plan to make one with in the next two weeks. I also start back school the day after I arrive back home, so a lot is going on but I promise to get the video done love you all see you soon.