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New Work Out Routine

Hey everyone so it is that time again, I am in need of constant change and I feel that I am getting bored with just doing Zumba. I love it but I want to switch it up and try different things. Ok so today after work I decided to go the track and I walked for an entire hour and a half. It truly felt refreshing because it was nice out and there were alot of people there. It was really motivating to see alot of people who were in great shape jogging and walking. It felt really nice out which was a bonus because there was such a nice breeze. My  legs are so soar and I have not had that feeling in such a long time. So I am going to add walking to my work out routine.

New Work Out Routine

.2 X a Week 45-60 mins Zumba
.2 X a Week 1 Hr Track
.2 X a  Week Weight Training (Focus on Arms & Stomach)


Just Daisy said…
Wow, Tina your workout schedule is jam packed! I need to take some pointers because I have yet to real push the pedal to the medal and add regular workouts to my weightloss journey. I know it will do me wonders too, now that I am 2 months away from my birthday goal of being down a total -50lbs (I'm almost there at -40lbs so far) I'm trying my hardest to start exercising regularly to meet my goal! You've given me motivation to walk it out :P

TinaDiva said…
Lol it is, I really want to target so many areas of my body and I enjoy working out.You can do it especially to make it this far is a huge accomplishment I am so proud of you. Working out will help tone your body. I really need to focus on toning because I do not want jiggly skin lol. With all of my weight loss my arms need alot of work.