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Updated Exercise Schedule/Detox/New Weigh In

Hey Luvs, so by now you all know I love to switch things up because I have a constant need for change. In all I am very happy with the progress that I have made this summer especially because I have lost  -55 lbs. These last few weeks I  know that I have not put my all in my weight loss journey. The fact that I started working the midnight shift and school both  has given me an exuse to put my fitness on the back burner. I am now ready to refocus and get back on track. This entire process has made me grow to love exercise and I realize the importance  it has on my body. I really have felt guilty because I can count on one hand how many times I have worked out in the last few weeks. Normally I work out multiple times a week even multiple times a day and I really want to get back to that. Realistically I will not be able to work out multiple times a day but I can make time to work out atleast four days a week.

Today was my second day back at the gym and I am so happy that I pushed myself to go. I took a Boot-Camp class which was very intense. It targeted every part of my body and incorporated weight lifting aswell. I was the biggest person in the class but I did not let that hold me back. I worked out just as hard as everyone else and I never gave up. The instructor came around time to time and said. "good job" and even pushed me harder by saying. "come on get lower". So overall that is a class I must take on a regular basis. It is offered every Tuesday morning so I plan to take it. I sat down and decided the best days for me to go to the gym is on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

New Plan Of Action

Tuesday -Boot-Camp (1 hr) & Strength Training
Thursday- Cycling (1hr) & Strength Training
Friday- Kickboxing (1 hr) & Strength Training

Sunday I plan to work out at home to one of my Dance DVD's of choice for 45 minutes to an hour.

In the next few weeks I plan to order the latest Kukuwa and Zumba Dance DVD's.So stay tuned for those reviews.

Bi Weekly Detox

I have decided that I want to Detox every other week to help purify my body. As we know eating Fruits and Vegetables is very healthy for our bodies. It will help us feel better and look better. Personally I have detoxed plenty of times and I feel that it is a great way to loose weight. I plan to detox every other week because I really want to loose weight faster then I am right now. I have attempted detoxing for two weeks in the past and honestly I can not do it that ever again. Instead it  is more practical for me to detox every other week so that my body can cycle between the two. I know this is a huge sacrifice and I hope to complete this challenge although I know how difficult it will be. I am motivated to make these sacrifices just so I can be happy with body.

Today is Day 1 of Week #1 and so far everything is going great. The first few days are the hardest for me but I am confident that I will get through it. The Detox prohibits Carbs but it includes Fruits, Vegetables, and Protein in an unlimited amount. The following week I will go back to eating whatever I want just in moderation. I actually read in a Health & Fitness magazine that it is great to do this cycle to loose a lot of weight. I definitely will keep you all posted on my progress every step of the way.

New Weigh In's

My weigh in's will no longer be every week instead it will be every two weeks.

xoxo Tina Diva


Just Daisy said…
wow! you keep my motivated I am sure you will get through this challenge girl, your already so successful and amazing


TinaDiva said…
@JustDaisy awww thanks so much for being so supportive and positive it means alot :)Your doing your great also.