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Weight Update /New Schedule/FrutaPlanta/Wedding

New Schedule
Hey Luvs how are you all? I hope everyone enjoyed their week. Well I started school for the Fall Semester  two weeks ago.I also started my new work schedule which is overnight around the same time frame. In all this new schedule has been so exhausting for me.  I felt extremely fatigued and have not felt like myself at all. 

Fruta Planta
As you all know I was taking a Weight Loss Appetite Supplement called Fruta Planta. Since taking the supplement for nearly two and a half weeks recently I have noticed that I have had a lot of Acne Breakouts all over my face. When I first started I saw maybe one or two pimple but since then to now it has worsened to both sides of my jawline and it is painful. They are huge and I decided to stop because I refuse to have such acne on my face due to a Weight Loss Appetite Suppressant. I have suffered with acne most of my life but these last few years it has minimized and I occasionally break out during  my time of month with just few pimples. However since taking Fruta Planta my acne has worsened and when I look in the mirror I feel disgusted and I have the same feelings I  used to feel when I had Acne as a teenager. I am working on trying to get rid of all these pimples. I will take photos soon with my progress : (soon.

Weight Update 
Well I was 192 lbs the week prior and once I started my overnight shift I became sick due to the schedule change and ate what I wanted and as a result I gained + 2 lbs and currently I am 194 lbs :( well as of yesterday I started to feel better and I am now back on track with my eating. As far as exercise is concerned I have not "Worked Out" at all. I just have to figure out when I can just because my schedule is limited. I will get back to you all and let you all know when I can squeeze in my work outs. In the meantime I walk alot at school and my job, so I am moving around and keeping busy. I plan to weigh in on Sundays since I have off. 

My mothers wedding was on Saturday the 10th and it was a very beautiful wedding. I found a dress that I absolutely loved. It was elegant and of course pink, it made me feel like a princess. The only issue I had was with my arms. With all of my weight loss I am still struggling with my huge and flabby arms. Most of the pictures that were taken by the photographer I hated because all I could do was look at my arms in disgust. My arms are a constant reminder why I need to continue to work hard and stay focused. Other then how I felt I received alot of compliments from everyone and they seemed to notice that I lost weight which was great. I just couldn't help but feel down about my arms but hey I made them this size so I have to work hard to get them toned. My mom has not recieved all of the official copies of the pictures from her photographer so once I receive them I will let you all know. I really was not pleased  that my face looked so pudgy and my arms were massive in the pictures, but hey what can I do but stay positive and continue to work hard I will get there soon and I am not giving up :)


Curliebelle said…
I have been having the same problem too. I have been mostly working third shift lately and most of the time I'm too tired after a 9 hour shift to work out. I agree that it helps to keep moving. I think that's one of the main things that is helping me.

I think once I get better adjusted to my schedule I will be able to work out more.
TinaDiva said…
@curliebelle same here all we can do is eat right and keep moving until we can find time to work out.