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I Finally Got It (Zumba Exhilirate) / Christmas Goal

Hey Luvs, so as you all knowI loveeeeeeeeeee Zumba. I really wanted to get the Zumba Exhilarate DVD set when it orginally was released on the market but I never wanted to pay $80.00 for it. There is this website called PirateBay.Org that my cousin told me about over a year ago where you can download almost anything. I always check that website to download movies, work outs, etc. The website is free which is great and I actually downloaded the original Zumba Cardio Party Set from there. Anyway I have been checking the website religiously since the Zumba Exhilarate dvd set was released nearly months ago to see if it was available for download. Well finally this week I noticed that it was available so I decided to download it. It took almost four days to fully download. Once I downloaded it I transferred it to my external drive and hooked it up to my HDTV. So far I must say that I absolutely love this DVD set. The DVD work outs are fun not to mention I am so happy to see my favorite fam…

"Rise Above The Negativity And Smile "

Thank you all for all your support it means so much to me : ) I am working on getting my happy back because I have so many reasons to smile and be happy about. The negativity can never change the accomplishments that I have made in my life. If you feel down smile and shield away the negativity.Your beautiful and never forget that we all deserve to be happy at all costs.
*Hope you all like the lighting and picture quality.

M.I.A (Let Me Explain)

Hey my Luvs, I am so sorry  for not posting my weigh in this past Sunday. To be honest with you all I have been so stressed out and I have not exercised since my last weigh in. I also have not been eating much either and  when I have it has not been the healthiest of choices. It is ok to say that I fell off track but I am aware that I need to refocus because the last thing I need to do is back track. The main reason for my emotional eating and non chalant mood has been due to stress from negativity from my family members. As much as I tell everyone around me to never let anyone bring them down here I am feeling down. Even with all of my weight loss I still underestimate myself and subject myself to letting others bring me down. I want to get away from all these negative people in my life. I feel so much pressure around them and it is taking away from my happiness and my focus to get to my goal. As of today I am officially  back on track and I will be back on Sunday for my weekly weig…

Picture Fun :) 188lbs

I Have Come So Far

I have come so far and this is just the beginning. If you want something in life chase after it until you get it because no is not an option. XOXO TinaDiva

1st Winter Challenge Weigh In (Finally In The 180's)

Hey my Luvs so I am finally back with an update on my progress on my Winter Challenge.  My target goal for this month is to loose - 10 lbs. I ended my Summer Weight Loss Challenge weighing in at 192 lbs. As of October I started my Winter Challenge and had a few ups and downs but I am happy to report that with all of my hard work with in the last week in a half I have managed to loose -4 lbs. I weighed in this morning at 188 lbs. I am so excited to be in the 180’s although it is just a mental thing because when I look in the mirror I do not see a huge difference.  I do not know if it is me or what but many times I look in the mirror and see "Big Fat Tina". I have alot of weight to loose so I know I will get to "Sexy In Shape Tina" soon which is what I want more than anything. My main concern right now is losing weight in my face, arms, and stomach. I am happy with everything else I just have to give myself credit fact is I am smaller than I was several months ago a…

Versatile Blogger Award (Thank You)

Hey Luvs, so I am so happy because I was nominated by one of my favorite Bloggers Geriee. I absolutley love her blog and she is so gorgeous. Her fashion and hair is always on point and you all must check her out Click Here. She is very sweet and her blog will be a guaranteed daily read as it is for me.

Thank You So Much :)
Kreativ Blogger Award Questions
What is your favorite song ? (Ace Hood feat Chris Brown Body to Body)What is your favorite dessert ? (Klondike Sugar Free Krunch Bar)What pisses you off ? (Fake people)What do you do when you are upset ? (Listen to music)What is your favorite pet? (None I am not a fan of pets)If you had a choice of Black or White which color would you choose ? (Black)What is your biggest fear ? (Failure in life)What is your best feature ? (Personality)What is your everyday attitude to life ? ("Things can be so much worse than it is so love life and live it to the best that you can")How would you define perfection ? (Making a plan and stickin…

Mini Weight Loss Challenge

Hey Luvs, so as you all know I am on a "Winter Weight Loss Challenge" to loose as much weight as I can to ultimately get to my dream goal of 160 lbs by the end of Winter 2012. Although I have started the challenge for about two weeks, on the weekends I am not staying as focused as I do during the week. So it is time to refocus and go back to my weekly weigh in's along with my constant blogging because that is what helps me stay on track . I am currently 192 lbs and I would like to focus on each short term mini goal of -10 lbs so that I can give it my all. I love doing this because it is very effective for me. So my weigh in's will resume back to every Sunday and my goal for next week is to get to 189 lbs. I decided to just really focus on not letting my weight loss get to my head and stay focused on the weekends as well, because I am at my half way mark and I have another 32 to 40 lbs to loose and I can not blow it due to my negligence.  My treat to myself  once I g…

Clothing And Fashion Goodies Haul #2

Hey luvs, so I couldn't help myself and went shopping again. I can not pass up a great deal  and since I am able to shop in alot of stores that I used to window shop in before starting my weight loss journey I am taking full advantage of all opportunities presented to me. This is the most that I have shopped since July. It feels good to be able to finally wear a size Large/X-Large/ &13/14 again. The last I was this size was in 2004/2005. Most of the clothing I bought are comfortable attire to go to school.Everything else I purchased was because they were cute and I wanted it LOL.

Sunglasses- Pay Half
Ring- Rainbows
Make Up Palette & Glitter Eyeliners- Pay Half
Nail Stickers- Mandees
Slippers- Pay Half
Blazer-Pay Half

Anyway I am d

Fitting Room Fun (Black And White Effect)

*LOL I am sucking in my stomach lol so please do not be fooled my stomach is not flat :) 

What's For Lunch ? 10/7/11

A Noticeable Difference "Favorite T-Shirt"

This used to be one of my favorite t-shirt's to wear prior to starting my weight loss journey. It used to fit nice and snug on me. Even with my weight loss I still find myself wearing this t-shirt to relax around the house with. Today was the day that I was able to look in the mirror and see a noticeable difference. I realized how my once favorite fitted t-shirt is now a baggy dress on me. Nonetheless I still love to wear it  and I will always remember how much this t-shirt represents to me  :)

Nails OTD (Purple Galaxy)

Hey Luvs, I just finished giving myself a manicure and I wanted to show you all how I achieved this look. It was a very fun look to create because of how bright and sparkly the colors are.

From left to right I first used the Neon Purple by KleanColor Nailpolish as a base for all of my fingers except for my middle finger. I then applied Black Galaxy on the middle finger and coated the top with a  Silver Sparkle Nailpolish. I then added Purple Dazzle on top of my already painted Neon Purple nails. To finish I added a clear coat to each nail to give it a shiny finish :)

Neon Purple-Beauty Supply Store
Black Galaxy- Hottopic
Silver Sparkle- Dollar Tree
Purple Dazzle- Dollar Tree
Clear- Dollar Tree

Cute Weight Lifting Gloves

Hey Luvs, I just wanted wanted to  show you all the cutest pair of fingerless gloves that I bought from Hot Topic last week. They were on clearance and I paid $5.00 and I swear it was love at first sight. I plan to use these gloves when I am weight lifting at the gym. As you all know I am really focusing on toning up my arms because they are not defined or toned. I have started weight lifting as of  last week and I noticed that everyone at the gym had fingerless gloves except for me so I had to get a pair also lol. Now that I have a pair I can say that they have helped tremendously weight lifting. I love them and they are a definite fashion statement :)

Clothing And Fashion Goodies Haul #1

TJ Maxx These jeans I purchased at Sears for $34.99 in a size Juniors 13. If you follow me on twitter @TinaDivaTV you know these were the jeans I fell in love with last week as I was shopping.
Burlington Coat Factory/TJ Maxx
 TJ Maxx

Rainbows/TJ Maxx/Walmart Rainbows/TJ Maxx/Walmart

TJ Maxx/Rainbows

Hey Luvs, I wanted to show you all just a few things that I picked up last week while shopping. Fall is approaching and after loosing -55lbs this summer most of my clothing are really baggy and unflattering on me.  I have alot more weight to loose and I really do not want to go crazy constantly buying clothes. I was forced into buying some new clothing just because I am tired of walking around with clothing that makes that does not fit me. I worked so hard to get into a size 13/14 and it is time to show it off. So I decided to go into a few clothing stores to look for cute clothing on the clearance racks. 
Once I get to my goal size of  a 8 or 9 in Juniors …