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New Shoes (Nude Glitter Pumps)

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I saw these shoes at a store at the mall called 5.7.9 which sells juniors clothing and accessories. There were so many things I wanted but I had to take care of other things so I decided to get one thing at that store just to atleast leave there happy. I could not believe that those shoes were on sale for $15.00 that is what you call a bargain :). Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love glitter so for me to see nude pumps with glitter heels oh I had to get them no questions asked. I saw some boots and wedges  I also want . The next week or two I will go back pictures coming soon! LOL

*Yes I was in the fitting room having too much fun taking pictures lol


Just Daisy said…
You look great I love those cheetah print outfits and those glittery sling backs!

TinaDiva said…
@JustDaisy thanks lately when I see non traditional colored cheetah prints I gravitate towards it lol. THe Glitter Slingbacks are different I like the color combination.