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Detox Challenge Intro /2011 SSU Challenge Week #12

Hey everyone so I was talking to one of my cousins who is on also on a Weight-Loss Journey and she and  I discussed that we wanted to try a Fruits & Vegetables Detox Challenge for 14 days to purify our bodies and to loose a few extra pounds. Well after giving it some thought I agreed to do the challenge and honestly I am so excited to undergo this two week challenge to see how much weight I can loose.What also really pushed me to do this challenge is because two days ago I had a bad day and in return I binged and ate some foods that I new that I shouldn't  have had. Truthfully this is the first time since I started my Weight-Loss Journey that I became weak and gave into temptation. As a result I have gained a few pounds and it is because I consumed alot of calories during my eating binge.
This journey is not easy and we all have ups and downs but the important thing is to not give up and I refuse to give up at this moment. This morning I weighed myself and I am now 216 lbs from…

Detox Challenge "Day 1 Before Photos" (216 lbs)

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What's For Breakfast? 06/30/11

For breakfast I decided to slice up two pieces of Strawberries.

What's For Lunch ? 06/30/11 & How To Make A Strawberry & Banana Milkshake

Hey everyone so for lunch I decided to make a fruit milkshake.
I am drinking it as I am writing this blog and I must say it is so refreshing and tasty.
How I made it: Cut up two Bananas & one StrawberryAdd one cut of Fat Free MilkAdd three cubes of IceBlend until  ingredients are liquefiedDrink

Grocery Haul 06/30/11 (Fruits Edition)

I decided to stock up on a few of my favorite fruits so that I can start my detox today. I have left over vegetables so there was not a need for me to purchase any.

Celebrity Body Inspiration: Curvy Edition

I recently saw this picture of the beautiful Lola Monroe. Normally I would not look at a particular celebrity and say that they are my body inspiration but today is different. I love that she is in shape yet curvy at the same time. There aren't too many celebrities built like her and in my opinion if she had butt implants it does fit well with her body.On the other hand Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj they both have nice figures but their body type does not seem natural.

Food Addiction

Hey everyone so it has been quite some time that I have made an in depth blog of what is on my mind. Well today I just wanted to share my thoughts on "the topic of  "Food Addiction?". This topic is such an important topic to many of us who have are battling weight gain issues. Let me just let you all know that I was an emotional eater for most if not all of my life. Food is what I turned to in moments of happiness and sadness and I had no self control. I found comfort in eating particular foods that made me feel good for that moment only. Most of the time afterwards I felt remorseful because I new it was unhealthy. Food Addiction is a form of a Drug, I say this because I feel that it is a substance that alters one's state of mind and  it also effects one's physical, and emotional state. The fact is that, many foods that we run to have certain chemicals that make us want more and more of it. We find pleasure in these foods that are actually in no way shape or fo…

What's For Dinner ? 06/27/11

Last night for dinner I made a Vegetable mix which consisted of Green Beans, Corn, Tomatoes, & Ground Beef. I also had a Macaroni Muffin.

Trying On a Size 16

Hey everyone so over the weekend I went browsing for clothing just for fun. I stated previously that I was a size 16 as of the week of my birthday (June 12 th). Anyway when I purchased my birthday outfit I tried on a size 16 and 1x and it felt good especially because I was originally a size a 17/18 or 20 before starting this challenge. Anyway so as I was browsing this weekend I decided to try on a pair of jeans and a tube top in a size 16 and 1x. Honestly I just wanted to see how these particular items would fit on me because they were standard fit. Just so you know my birthday outfit was a stretch material. So the jeans that I picked out to try did infact fit perfectly not to mention I had room to breathe in it also. The top as you can see is a little fitted but overall it was roomy .Overall the conclusion of my shopping experience is that it made me feel good to progress in the right direction. Honestly alot of the clothing that I saw in my size was either ugly or over priced.

I can…

Macaroni Muffins & What's For Dinner ? 06/25/11

Hey everyone so I was inspired to try something new and decided to make Macaroni Muffins. The portion size is perfect for anyone on a diet.They were very simple to make and below are the ingredients and recipe.

I did not add any Eggs, Milk, Bread Crumbs, or Mozzarella Cheese.

I substituted the Butter with 0 Calorie Spray Butter.

I used black Pepper and Mrs.Dash for seasoning.

2 cups uncooked elbow macaroni1 tablespoon butter1 egg, beaten1 cup milk1 1/2 cups shredded sharp Cheddar cheese1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese1/2 cup seasoned dry bread crumbs2 teaspoons olive oil1/2 teaspoon salt Directions

Goal Pictures @ A Glance (Weight Mirror Fun)

Ok so I was bored and I was playing around on just for fun which is a picture editing software for weight-loss. Well  I just wanted to show you all what I would want to look like at 200 lbs. My goal is to have be smaller and also remain curvy.

(2011 Summer Shape Up Challenge Week #11)

Hey everyone, omg I am so sorry for being late with my Weigh- In. I know that every Friday I usually Weigh-In but I had a long weekend and I have been putting it off. Anyway as you know last week was crazy with the scale. I attempted an Atkins Challenge and it was an epic fail. I started last Saturday and by Tuesday I gained  + 2 lbs I was so confused as to how and why. I was initially upset but I still continued to work hard. I went back to my original plan of healthy moderation and the remainder of the week I lost the - 2 lbs that I gained. Then as of today I lost  another - 2 lbs. So I am now 213 lbs. My goal for this week's Weigh-In on Friday is to loose - 3 lbs so that I can accomplish my monthly goal of - 10 lbs.  I can not believe this week will be my last week of month # 3.

Feeling & Looking Good

Hey everyone I just wanted to just blog and say that I am so happy that I found exercise that works for my needs. Working out daily has helped me throughout my Weight-loss Journey and most importantly it makes me feel good and look good. I feel that with everything I do, I am giving it my all and with this new found boost of confidence that I get from exercise it is the best feeling one can have. So with that being said find an exercise routine that you can enjoy. I am not a gym type of person and in the past I would go to the gym but I never enjoyed going. This time around I took advantage of focusing on doing things that I love as a form of exercise such as taking aerobic classes and working out at home doing cardio workout dvds. This is what works for me and that is why I am able to be consistent with my weight-loss.

Find activites that you love and incorporate it into your schedule because it is very important to workout so that you can look and feel good.

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Join The Summer Shape Up Challenge

Ladies so today is officially the first day of Summer. Make this Summer the last Summer of being unhealthy. Make a free account at BHM and join a positive support group with women who are working on the same objective of getting healthy. There are no judgements so come as you are and lets take this journey together. This challenge is open to anyone who wants to loose weight for the Summer and needs a support group to help them along the way. You can make your own plan and just come by and share your progress and thoughts.
Direct Link (Above)

Create a free account, read first post, and post your intro.

See you there :)

Spinach Veggie Pizza

I was reading my new Woman's World magazine and I stumbled across the "Amazing Ate Layer Open Faced Taco" Recipe. I decided to make my own based on the ingredients that I like and have at home.


Cook Wheat Tortilla and grill on both sides until crispy.Season and cook spinach, corn, tomatoes, unions, and ground beef  Apply low fat Sourcream on the tortilla.Apply low fat shredded Cheese on top of the Sour Cream.Evenly distributed the Groundbeef and Spinach on top of the Cheese and Sour Cream.Add shredded Cheese on the top of the Groundebeef mix.Put it in the microwave for 30 seconds.Then cut it into four pieces.Then dig in and eat :)

*I feel so full and I have not felt this full in forever but this meal was the BEST. Omg I feel so complete right now : )

I Just Picked Up This Magazine Today

This happens to be one of my favorite magazines and I really their love recipes.

(2011 Summer Shape Up Challenge Week #10)

Goodmorning everyone I just wanted to check in really quick. I weighed in this morning and I am now 215 lbs from 217 lbs. I lost 2 lbs this week and I am happy to be progressing but I expected more of a weightloss for the week.  This week was "TOM" and I know how it is but I am glad I did not gain any weight, there is always next week. My goal for the month is to loose 10 lbs. I have lost 5 lbs left and I have two weeks to loose  these 5 lbs to fulfill my goal. I am going to switch it up next week and I want to do some form of challenge. I was thinking of doing a Breakfast Oatmeal Challenge or a No Carb Challenge. I am not sure yet I will give it some thought and let you all know because I will start the challenge tomorrow.

What's For Dinner ? 06/16/11

I Need Twitter Friends (#TeamFollowBack)

Self Love Starts With You So Say

*This is what I tell myself everyday, fact is we do not need to validate our self love to others.

What's For Lunch ? 06/15/11

I was craving Tacos today for lunch so I decided to make some. I used a Wheat Taco and they were 110 calories so I decided to only make one. I seasoned the Groundbeef with Black Pepper and Mrs Dash Lemon & Herb Seasoning ( 0 Calories). I added cut up Onions, Tomatoes, and Corn. I then added Low Fat Shredded Cheese and Sour Cream. It was soooooooo good I would recommend anyone to try to make this.

What's For Dinner ? 06/14/11

I Remember (Reflection Of The Past)

Looking back to when I started my Weight-loss Journey to where I am today I can definitely look back and notice how much I have changed inside and out.
Just to list a few things I remember:
I remember how hard it was for me to differentiate between being hungry and convinving myself that I was hungry.I remember how deep in depression I was and how I tried to hide my pain with food. I remember taking out my frustration on my loved ones because of my unhappiness with myself.I remember being so out of shape and how I fought to hide how much it was struggle it was for me to do certain day to day activities without having feelings of exhaustion.I remember having a love hate relationship with the mirror,and how I picked myself  apart focusing on my flaws failing to appreciating my attributes.I remember making excuses why it was ok for me to not be accountable for my poor choices in certain things in my life. I am a work in progress and I am making steps to change for the better, so that I wo…

Progress Photo - 30 to - 40 lbs Weight-Lost

Hey everyone hope all is well, I wanted to check in to let you know I am still focused on achieving my Summer Goal of 200 lbs. As you all know my birthday was on Sunday and that did not give me a reason to fall off track. I am very disciplined and learning to not run to food for emotional purposes. I know that I said I would wait till I get to my Summer Goal to take before and after photos but I decided to take some face profile photos of myself this morning and I compared it with photos I took of myself when I first started this Summer Challenge in April. Wow I can really see a difference in my appearance and this is letting me know I am progressing. I will take some more  comparisons photos once I hit 200 lbs this is just a teaser. I am almost there and I can not wait so I can focus on my next goal.
This is a side by side face profile photo comparison of me at my heaviest at 260 lbs to today 217lbs 06/14/2011

 Stay Tuned More updates to come.

What's For Breakfast ? 06/13/11

Morning beautiful people, I decided to make a Cheese Omelette for breakfast with a 100 calorie bagel and 0 calorie butter. Great way to start the morning :)
I am blessed to wakeup smiling, living, and loving life. Thank you God for all of your love and strength to get me through everyday life. I am at work until 4pm then I am going to celebrate, YAY 25 yrs old and proud. I am older, more mature, I know who I am, and what I want I want from life. Most importantly thank you to all my blog followers you guys are the best.

Leisure Health Magazines

These are my favorite fitness and health magazines because they have recipes, success stories, weight-loss tips and so much more.

What's For Dinner ? 06/11/11

Hey everyone so I just got home from work and I decided to make Meatloaf with a side of Spinach. I cut up my Meatloaf in medium size pieces because that is the way that I like it. I am going to eat, relax then workout and do some Zumba  :)

What's For Dinner ? 06/10/11

Omg this was my first time making a Spinach & Tomato Cheeseburger it was so good and I grilled it and it literally melted in my mouth.Btw I used a Wheat Bagel Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Update - 17 More Lbs To Goal

(2011 Summer Shape Up Challenge Week #9)

Morning everyone ughhh I am up so early because of the heat. It is finally in the 90s in NY and last night I was restless the entire night and that explains why I am up so early lol . Anway I just wanted to check in and let you all know I weighed in this morning and I lost - 3 lbs this week and I am now 217 lbs. I am happy about that because I am now down -30 lbs in exactly two months and one week.I am hoping to reach my first goal by next month so that is - 17 more lbs to go. In order to make this goal I would need to loose at least - 2 lbs a week and I know I can do that. Well I am happy because I feel great because I really want to be healthy and continue to loose weight so this is such a great early Birthday gift. I just can not wait to look in the mirror and see a different me. In the meantime I will continue to work hard to get there.

What's For Dinner ? 06/09/11

How I Manage To Be Successful On My Weightloss Journey

.I calorie count
.I exercise daily
.I do not drink soda
.I limit my intake of foods high in (sugar, starch, & carbs)
.I do not deprive myself of anything I want
.I read the contents label of everything I eat
.I make sure to choose the best healthiest options
.I have a food journal
.I do not weigh myself daily
.I think positive
.I set realistic goals
.I do not eat after 7pm
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New Workout (Zumba Cardio Party)

Hey everyone, I just wanted share that I have added Zumba "Cardio Party" to my workout regimen. I absolutely love it. It is so fun and the steps are easy to pick up. I would recommend this to anyone.

I have been doing Zumba since last week and today I am going to do my Kukuwa Dvd because I have neglected her and I miss her workouts, but I will continue to do Zumba. Everyday is different and I do not have a set schedule as to what DVD workout I will do but it just depends on my mood.I love working out every single day because it just makes me feel so refreshed. Anyway I am going to workout right now. I just wanted to check in.

What's For Breakfast ? 06/07/11

I was so hungry this morning so I decided to make a Beef Burrito and it was so good and now I am feel so full.

Grocery & Miscellaneous Target Haul

I went to Target to get a few things and here is what I purchased.

What's For Breakfast ? 06/04/11

Goodmorning everyone, so I decided to treat myself and make something that I have been craving to eat. I made a Tuna Melt for Breakfast. You can have it for Lunch or Dinner but I could not wait and decided to make it for Breakfast. I used two slices of Whole Wheat Bread (120 calories each), Light Chicken of The Sea Tuna (50 calories but I split the portion in half so that is 25 calories), Light Mayo ( 25 or 35 calories and I split the portion in half so that is about  12-17 calories) 2 to 3 Baby Tomatoes ( 5- 10 calories) and I added a little bit of Low Fat Shredded Cheese ( 35 calories and I used a very small amount). When I was done I sprayed 0 calorie Butter on the top of the Bread and put the sandwich on my Foreman Grill for two minutes on both sides and that was it. I saved the other half for tomorrow at work for lunch. It was so good before I knew it was done and I was really hungry especially since yesterday I had to eat extremely light because of my Weigh -In for today. Well e…

End Of Month # 2 (Summer 2011 Shape Up Challenge) - 11 lbs

Goodmorning everyone, month number two is completged and I just wanted to share with you all that I weighed in this morning and I am220 lbs. That is a loss of - 2 lbsand although I wanted more a loss is a loss and I will take it. Every pound counts at this point to get closer and closer to my goal. I noticed this week I have added shredded cheese to my salads and I think it could of been the reason why I lost less this week so my goal for next week is to minimize my cheese in take to maybe two or three times this week opposed to everyday multiple times. So I am starting month number three and hoping to loose 8 - 10 lbs for the month.So I lost -27lbs in total and -11 lbs for the month. Published with Blogger-droid v1.7.0

What's For Dinner ? 06/01/11

I made Broccoli with Cheese and a Chicken Skewer for Dinner. I bought a pack of two Chicken Skewers from the supermarket. I seasoned it and grilled on my Foreman Grill, I then boiled some Broccoli. I added Black Pepper, 0 Calorie Butter, & Low Fat Shredded Cheese. I am making the samething tomorrow because it was so delicious.

* I know the Chicken Skewer is well done on the top but I promise you that it tastes so good.

Weightloss Journey Visuals

Hey everyone as many of you may or may not know, I am a visual person and I love to see things in front of me to help me stay on track. I wanted to share one of the most important ways I track my weightloss progress. I created a " Calendar Tracker" and it allows me to be accountable for tracking my progress during my weightloss journey. It also forces me to make sure that I stay on track daily.  Every month I create a new target and I make sure that I fufill it. I also notate my starting weight for the month , weekly goals, and weekly weightloss.  If anyone is a visual person such as myself  I definitely recommend you have one for yourself aswell . This is a Dry Eraser Board that I purchased from Target and it is on my wall in my bedroom and everytime I am in my room it is a constant reminder how serious I am about my weightloss journey.

*Do not pay attention to my horrible handwriting lol