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Gym OOTD And Experience First Day Back At The Gym

*Excuse the face I took these  pictures right after working out.  I am also wearing my "Slimmer Belt which is great for targeting weight loss around the stomach area. You can see a buldge in my shirt and that explains what that's from :) 

Hey luvs, so I went to the the gym today bright and early this morning.  I just wanted to show you all what I wore to work out.
  • Long Sleeve Navy Spandex Shirt (L)- Target
  • Black Spandex Capri's Size (XL)- Walmart
  • White/Black/Yellow Jordan's Size (8) -Finishline
  • LV Head Scarf- Beauty Supply Store
Today was a day to focus on Strength Training and Cardio. I focused on my Arms, Stomach, & Legs for a half an hour working out on different Weight Lifting Machines. I also worked out on the Elliptical Machine for an hour. It was an overall great work out, I am just trying to get back into the swing of things so today was a great start for me. I am planning to start working out four to five days week as I used to before starting my new work shift.  I have been slacking and it is now time to step it up and get back my motivation. I plan to go to the gym after school tomorrow to take a Cycling class. I am excited because it has been so long since I took that class. At my heaviest weight I remember being faster then all the skinny people in the class lol. This summer I rarely went to the gym because I was more motivated to work out at home with my Dance DVD's. Now I am ready to switch it up and do both. Not to mention now I feel more confident working out at the gym because I have lost weight. My gym is what I consider a "high school reunion" everyone I went to high school with goes there so in the past I avoided seeing them especially because of how uncomfortable I was with my body. Loosing weight has made me feel much more comfortable with my body but I am still not completely happy with it but I will get there.

One thing I must say is that I admire seeing so many people who are already fit working out. It pushed me harder today because on both side of me I had skinny women in their short shorts and sports bra working out looking cute lol. In due time that will be me :)


TinaDiva said…
@miss dre thanks hun
Brittany said…
Good luck hun! Im planning on starting a diet and fitness regimen starting the beginning of October. I wasn't sure where to but your blog posts are really helping me come up with some ideas!!
TinaDiva said…
@Brittany thanks so much hun and I can't wait for your weight loss updates.
Glo said…
Hey girl I know exactly how u feel about the returning back to the gym thing. I'm glad u mentioned a cycling class. I've been wanting to go but I feel like I have to be a professional to ride those bikes! I think that my tush might start hurting lol and I usually do 1hr cardio(treadmill/elliptical 30mins each) and (30 mins strength training)
TinaDiva said…
@glo I took cycling yesterday for the first time in mths. I Besides the instructor being drunk and slurring words it was a great class. You should do it you do not have to be professional. I am far from professional but I am well adjusted to it since I took it frequently in the past. The first few times the seat takes time to adjust to. You burn alot of calories. That is a great work out routine.I love the elliptical and I am enjoying strength training because I am at a point that I really want to focus and tone certain areas.