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06/2014 Day 3 (Detox)

Heyyyyy so today is day three and its the weekend so I decided to just no carb/low carb. Drinking smoothies alone got boring real quick. This morning I had a spinach omlette, lunch I had a smoothie, and dinner I had chicken. Well Ill check in tomorrow love yall 😍😍😍😍

06/2014 Day 2 (Detox)

So today is day two I survived still carb free ughhh hungry lol see you tomorrow.

06/2014 Day 1 (Detox)

This will be a short and to the point post, I survived day one yay . I had 3 shakes , 2 peices of cheese, a handful of nuts, and worked out for an hour today. Im cranky, hungry, and exhausted. I did not weight myself but plan to tomorrow. Im trying to stay focused wish me luck 😁😁😁😁