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Laugh & Smile @ The Haters

We all have haters and they come in all shapes and forms. Nonetheless smiling and laughing is the best way to brush them off. So laugh and smile @ the haters.

Love,Hugs, & Kisses

I switched my hair up and decided to take some pictures showing off my new hair  and earrings :) 

Re: Tag Get To Know Me :By Fellow Blogger (Mz Glo)

Hey Luvs, so I was tagged by a fellow blogger by the name of MZ Glo and her blog link is (Clink Here) so go check her out :).

  11 Random Facts
 1. I love scented shiny Lip Gloss 2. I love to laugh 3. I have a Big Sweet Tooth 4. I love Fruity Body Fragrances 5. I love changing my hairstyle frequently 6. I am a shopaholic 7. I can be a huge flirt 8. I love big earrings 9. I love fitted jeans 10. I love reality shows 11. I am obsessed with watching Youtube videos

1. Do you still believe in love? I did when I was younger now that I am older I realize that love is just a fairytale
2. Heels or Sneakers?I would say a combination of both depending on the time and the place
3 .Why do you blog? It allows me to express myself without any restrictions
4. What's the best thing to ever happen to you ? Loosing -74 lbs all on my own :)
5. Who is the most important person in your life ? My Twin brother
6. What's your favorite TV show ? Love & Hip Hop
7. Thrifting or Retailing ? I love retailing but I just s…

1/6/11 Vlog: Why & How I Started My Weight Loss Journey + Weight Loss Tips

Quick Check In 1/3/12

Hey everyone I just wanted to update you all and let you know that I am doing well and so far this week I worked out twice. I did an hour of Zumba on Sunday, a hour and a half of Zumba yesterday and today I plan to do an hour of Zumba and an hour of dancing to my i pod. I need to figure out what type of exercises to do so I can start weight training especially for my arms. As you all know due to my weight loss my arms have not caught up to my body and remain big and flabby and I really hate it.  I really want to start focusing on getting them toned. Cardio is what has helped me loose the weight that I have and I want to continue to keep it as my primary form of working out.As far as eating is concerned I have substituted one of my meals with a 6 inch combo meal because I have been lazy to cook but tomorrow I will be going grocery shopping so no more spending on lunch at subway. Other than that I am proud of myself I have been eating well. Fruit smoothie for breakfast and vegetables an…