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Shopping Restrictions Being a "Plus Size"

Fact is there are to many shopping restrictions being a plus size woman. I love shopping but I find that shopping for the perfect outfit requires too much work. I often times find myself feeling frustrated due to the lack of clothing options as a plus size woman. Imagine going into your local mall or shopping area and you are surrounded by a countless amount of stores. You would think that it would be easy to find clothing in many of those stores but realistically maybe two or three carry your size. It is sad to see that many of the stores do not carry plus size clothing or they may have a very small section with just a few clothing racks towards the back of the store. So as you make your way to the plus size section you can not help but notice that the majority of the store is filled with racks and displays of the average consumer. All you can do is stop and stare because realistically those same items are not even offered in your size. Finally reality sinks in and you continue to …

Don't Let Opportunities Pass You By

For many years I have let my excessive weight gain get the best of me. I have watched myself let many opportunities pass me by. Looking back at my past decisions I have realized that I refuse to let another opportunity pass me by. It is this time around that I have realized how driven I am to make a change for the better. It is better said then done but I am willing to take advantage of the various tools that surround me. If I want something I can have but it is up to me to go after it at all costs. It won't be easy but nothing in life is. Today is a new day so "Don't Let Opportunities Pass You By".
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Grocery Haul 04/29/2011

Hey everyone, so as you know from my last post I stated that I would do a haul of my groceries. I just got back from Target and Walmart and I wanted to show you all what I purchased for the week.

                                          Breakfast Quesadilla
                                         (Breakfast Option)
                                           Only 5 Points

                                           Fiber Snack-Bars
                                          (Snack Option)

Look at the contents (Healthy)

                                           Tangerines (Snack Option)

                                                        1/2 Gallon Water Bottle
                                                        (Daily Must)

Oatmeal (Breakfast Option)

Dinner Options (7 Points)

Bananas (Breakfast Option)

Snack Option (4 Points)
Very Small (1 Serving Size)

Lunch I always have a Chicken Salad from work or school. 
That is it hope you all enjoyed my grocery haul. 

(2011 Summer Shape Up Challenge Wk #3)

Quick Weigh In - I am down -12 lbs in three weeks. - 9 lbs my first week, + 1 lb my second week, and lastly -4 lbs my third week. Yayyyyyy I am now 235 lbs and I am so happy. I have 35 more pounds to loose in order to get to my first goal of 200 lbs. I can say that I am loving Weight Watchers. I do not feel like I am even on a "diet". Tomorrow I am going to stock up on more Smart Ones dinners. This journey is not easy but it is worth the fight. I am happy that I did not let my unsuccessful second week bring me down because it made me realize how much I wanted to continue on my weightloss journey and decide to make a change and do Weight Watchers instead of Atkins. Weight Watchers allows me to have foods that I love just in moderation. All week long I have been having Smart Ones Brownies, Pasta, Rice, etc nonetheless I have still managed to loose -4lbs. I have not exercised as of yet but I do plan to soon.

Sample Meal Plan

Breakfast- Banana and Oatmeal

Lunch- Grilled Chicke…

Weight Watchers

Hey everyone so today is day four on my new weightloss plan. I am doing the original Weight Watchers Plan. I am doing it unofficially because I do not have a membership and I do not go to any of the meetings. I might in the near future but as of right now I am just trying to do it on my own with all the free information that I have researched online. I really do like this plan because it shows you how to eat without cutting out certain food groups. It is all about portion control and points.There are so many people who are doing this and many of them have been doing this for years because it is a lifestyle change. Honestly I really love this plan and it is amazing to see so many people following the plan. Many restaurants and grocery stores accommodate WW which is great. I really love the feeling of not being on a "diet". I am eating what I want just in moderation. I know that my weight will come off slower but fact is it will be worth it because it is healthier to loose we…

Smart Ones Entrees and Desserts (Review)

Hey everyone so today is day two of my new meal plan and it is going great. This new way of eating is real easy and I love the options. I wanted to share with you all the Smart Ones Entrees and Desserts that I picked up for the week at Target for $1.99 for each item.

Starting off with the Entrees I bought:

Pasta with Ricotta and Spinach
Mini pasta ribbons with a creamy white sauce, herbed ricotta cheese and chopped spinach.


I had this yesterday and it is so yummy.

Mini Rigatoni with Vodka Cream Sauce
Al dente pasta with a creamy tomato vodka sauce and reduced fat mozzarella cheese.

Calories -290

Chicken Enchiladas Suiza
Served in a zesty sour cream and green chile sauce with Spanish rice.

Calories -290

Broccoli & Cheddar Roasted Potatoes
Roasted russet potatoes topped with broccoli and cheddar cheese sauce.

Calories -240

Creamy Rigatoni with Broccoli & Chicken
A medley of pasta, broccoli florets and white meat chicken in a creamy parmesan sauce.

Calories -280



I am one of those type of people who need motivation to do certain things. When it comes to my weightloss journey I find that visualizing the benefits to actually loosing weight is what keeps me focused. Keeping my full attention on anything I do is a constant test because I have a short attention span. This time around I am focusing on my motivations. Ultimately I know that I must be the one to keep myself motivated, but here is a list of my motivations.


Finding True Love

Good Health


& Most Importantly


Be Realistic & Practical

In the past I would focus on my long term goals. I would set myself up for failure because of the lengthy process to get to my long term goal. Neglecting short term goals are unrealistic and is the reason why I would set certain expectations that I knew I could not achieve in a short period of time. I noticed when I set the bar way to high and when my long term goals were not met I would be easily defeated. In order to achieve a long term goal you must undergo short term goals. Short term goals are attainable because of the shortened time frame. Mentally it is what emphasizes to me that I am accomplishing something.

Write down your long term goal and underneath it list all of your short term goals that will lead to you achieving your long term goal.

My long term goal is to be 150lbs. My short term goal would be 200lbs. I am -38 lbs away from my first short term goal and it is a constant reminder how well I am doing and that I am getting closer and closer to my first goal.

Give it Time & Just Be Patient

"Good things happen to those who wait"

Ever felt that time was frozen and the day that you have been dreaming about will never arrive? Well that is how I feel about getting to my weightloss goal. I want it so bad that I think about it so much. I am so consumed with wondering when and how long will it take me etc.........................

I know this journey will take time and I must be patient but it is so hard to because I feel like I am letting days go by and yet nothing.

I am in need of a distraction to not think of this process because it honestly is making matters worse. Maybe I should start reading more books for leisure. I enjoy reading books that take me away from everything.

No matter what I do I can not escape the fact that this process will take long and I just have to be patient.The best thing to do is keep busy and focus on other things because eventually I will get there.

Scales are Evil

Your scale can be your bestfriend or your worst enemy.

I am guilty of weighing myself daily. If everytime I got on the scale and I lost weight I would be the happiest person ever. If everytime I weighed myself I gained weight I would be the most angry person ever (JK). What I can say is that the moment I noticed that I have not lost any weight or gained weight it instantly changes my frame of mind and makes me doubt myself. I begin to back track and become unfocused. It is important to know your weight and to track yourself weekly or monthly but not daily. Typically it is best to weigh yourself the same time and same day every week. For best results weigh yourself first thing in the morning after you take a shower.Weighing yourself daily is not a good idea because day to day your weight fluctuates and if you tracked your weight and based it on that you would see your weight go up and down and that will frustrate you. When you are doing the right thing there isn't a need to worry…

Treat Yourself Because You Deserve It

Many times we seem to forget about doing something nice for ourselves.Fact is we make other people a priority and neglect our own wants and needs. From this point forward take some time to realize that you work very hard and deserve personal time to do something that you like. Whether it is shopping, going out with the girls, getting a manicure,or going on a date. Whatever it is that will make you smile just do it. If we took more time to please ourselves we would not be codependent on others for self happiness. Treat yourself every now and then because you deserve it.

The Realest Love Ever

If you can not love yourself how can you possibly expect anyone else to? Look yourself in the mirror and realize your self worth. Your reflection is worthy of your love and that is the realest love ever.

There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Body-Shape

Fact of the matter is that we are all shaped differently. The perception of the perfect bodyshape seems to be influenced from, magazines, tv, and our favorite celebrities. I find that growing up I have always struggled with being comfortable with my own bodyshape, because I spent to much time focusing on why my body wasn't shaped like Beyonce, Tyra Banks,or Janet Jackson. Now that I am older I realize I will never look like any of them. I need to love and embrace what God has given me. Although I may not be happy with my weight I feel that loosing weight and getting healthy will allow me to admire my own curves and body. Underneath it all lies a beautiful curvy girl and there is no one else out there who looks like me and that is what makes me unique.

2011 Summer Shape Up Challenge Wk #1 & 2

Hey everyone so I am blogging so I can get back into achieving my summer weight goal of 200 lbs. I started the Atkins diet a week ago and I  managed to loose -9 lbsbringing me down to238 lbs. This is almost the end of the second week and I did the samething as I did last week and I managed to stay at the same exact weight. I am upset it about but it was a learning experience for me. Anyway today is a new day and I decided to try something different and that is to just eat healthy of whatever it is I want just in moderation without feeling restricted. So I went to Target today and  I went food shopping. I bought oatmeal,cereal, eggs, and whole wheat bread for breakfast options. I bought salad, chicken, and salmon for lunch options. I bought Smart One dinners for dinner options. Lastly I bought Smart One snacks, tangerines, and plums for snack options. I plan to have three meals and one snack daily. I am no longer drinking soda, I am drinking water and diet Ice-tea instead. As far as e…