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Ms.Tina's Life (Vlog #9) 01/2018

Hey luvs so I am back again today for another vlog and I visited ATL for the first time. I had a great time so check out my vlog to see what I did when I went to ATL.

xoxo Tina

Ms. Tina's Life (Vlog #8) 01/2018

Hey luvs so I am back today updating you all on my transition into soon to be life as an undergraduate student in college. I have one more semester left until graduation so I need to start exploring what is next for Tina. I also discuss me getting ready to travel and fasting.


01/2018 The Truth Series: (Life After VSG) Plastic Surgery/Dating/ Tips How to Avoid Gaining Weight

Hey my luvs so I am back today to share with you all the truth about life after wls as VSG patient. We will be discussing major concerns and concepts, I did not necessarily give full thought prior but now faced with the reality of things. I am two years post op and I have lost -120 lbs and plan to continue to loose weight. 
xoxo Tina

Tuna Fish Burger & A Side Salad Recipe :Low Carb Edition 01/2018)

Hey my luvs so I am back today with a new video showing you all what I eat in a day. As you all know I have had VSG on 09/18/2015 and I am almost 2 yrs post op. I have adapted low carbing along with working out in order to lose weight.  I lost - 120 lbs lost and this was a tool I made into a lifestyle change. I like to grocery shop, meal prep, and plan out my meals most of the time. I find it to be very effective in staying on track. I also find that it has been the best for my  results with my weight loss.

In this video I share a healthy low carb friendly meal option for lunch or dinner.

Ms. Tina's Life (Vlog #7) 01/2018

Happy New Year luvs , 2018 is a new year for growth, change, & happiness to evolve. I decided to spend my New Years @ church. It was so fun. I'm  also opening up about how I feel about where I am in my life and the things I want to work towards.

xoxo Tina