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06/12 The Good & The Bad

The Good

So my birthday was the twelfth of this month and I was lucky enough to be surrounded by some really cool girls I recently befriended. We meet up in the city and went to a Mexican restaurant in Times Square called Chevys. The food was great and they had a great drink special for margaritas :) $5.99. I must say we all truly enjoyed ourselves with tons of laughter and girl talk. The server sang for me and also gave me a free dessert which I gave away to one of the girls due to me feeling guilty if I did have it and how many calories it would be. Afterwards we walked around and did a little bit of shopping. We did alot of walking and it was extremely hot that day. I was so happy to be able to share my birthday with all the girls and have girl time.

The Bad

I have gained weight and it is really obvious, I got on the scale this morning and I am no longer in Onderland officially I am 212 lbs. Wow right? well I am aware and  yes I have fell off track and I have to get back on it so th…

Acknowledgement Of My Downfall & Moving On (06/12)

Hey Luvs, sooooooooooo hmmmmmmmmm where do I start?. Well I have so much to say at the moment. I have been living in such guilt due to my current downfall on my weight loss journey. I know I am being really hard on myself but that is because my mindset and determanation has changed drastically with in the last several months. A part of me is in denial of it all and another part of me doesn't care which explains why I have gotten to this point to feel the way that I do. I have come way to far to let all my efforts go to waste. I used to be so disciplined with eating and exercise that now I do not know what discipline is. I have gotten accustom to doing really well all week and doing extremely bad on weekends that I really feel ashamed of myself. I know myself and I know my body and my clothes are getting tight on me. They fit but they are just tight on me. Not to mention I haven't weighed myself and I am really scared to. I know that I gained some weight and that is frightenin…