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What's For Lunch ? 05/31/11

Today I decided to make some Spinach and Salmon. I  added a little bit of shredded Cheese on  top of the Salmon and it was really good. This was actually the first time in a long time that I was home for lunch, typically I am at work or school and I always buy a salad from the cafeteria.

Flabby Arms & Weightloss

I have been so frustrated with how flabby my arms look with my recent weightloss of -25 lbs. I don't understand how is it that when I weighed 260 lbs at my heaviest my arms were solid but currently at 222 lbs they are flabby. I really feel that loosing weight has made my arms appear extremely flabby and I just hate it. I am so embarrassed to even lift up my arms because they look horrible. The weird thing is I workout everyday and I have been weight training aswell. I thought that loosing weight would make my arms solid . Well it has been bugging me alot so I have been on a hunt to look for as much information as I can to figure out what I should do about this. Well I stumbled upon this article titled "How to Loose Arm Fat Fast" and this is what caught my attention, "Aerobic activity is an excellent arm fat burning method.  You should also make sure that you are doing aerobic activity on a regular basis to burn away extra body fat.  To benefit the most from your a…

Quick Tip : "Progress Photo Pictures"

I want share a quick tip with anyone out there who is loosing weight and finds it frustrating that they do not see a difference in their appearance just by looking in the mirror. I was guilty feeling that way until I decided to take a picture of myself in my dance unitard and once I reviewed the photos I was able to notice that I was infact loosing weight and making progress in my appearance. Fact is if you look at yourself in the mirror everyday you won't see much of a difference. I  had to refrain myself from being obsessed with constantly looking at myself in the mirror because it became so frustrating. I had to remind that I am doing the right thing and in due time I will see a drastic difference in my appearance and to be patient. In the mean time I will continue to work hard and take progress photos every 20 lbs that I loose.I would not recommend that you take a picture of yourself everyday to track your progress. I think that you should take progress pictures of yourself e…

Find What Works Best For Your Needs

Hey everyone so I wanted to just share my thoughts on how I feel it is best to find what works for your needs during your weightloss journey. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to finding a meal plan and exercise routine. What works for someone else may not work for you and that is a reality. In the past I have tried things just because a friend recommended it and through trial and error I realized it did not work best for my needs. During your weightloss journey you will find through experimentation, things that you will either like or dislike.
I have been a chronic YoYo dieter for most of my life. I have tried a lot of things just to loose weight. Everything I have tried allowed myself to see what exactly works for me. At this point what makes this weightloss journey successful is that I have found a meal plan and exercise routine that works for my needs. I feel that everything put together is something that does not seem forced and that is what make it easier t…

What's For Dinner ? 05/28/11

Hey everyone so today I decided to have Chicken Salad for dinner it was very good. Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.9

What's For Dinner ? 05/27/11

Today for Lunch I made  Grilled Salmon with a side of a Mix Salad. I added a little bit of 0 calorie butter for flavor.

* The Salmon is well done but it was really good.

Small Grocery Haul 05/27/11

Hey everyone so I went grocery shopping today and got just a few things that I needed. I did not need  to buy much since I went grocery shopping last week.
So here is what I bought:
I love Shake & Go's they are so convenient and I love juice and these packets are perfect especially when you are on the go and craving something sweet to drink. The extra bonus is that it is 0 calories.

I love Mixed Salad because it is already prepared and all you have to do ais take the portion that you want then rinse it with water and that is it.

I decided to purchase Salmon because it is a healthy and tastes good. I am not a fish type of person but I think it is safe to say that I like boneless fish lol. I have had bad experiences  in the past with regular fish and I prefer to stay away.

I love Chicken Drumsticks and I always take off the skin and season it then put it in a ziplock bag and freeze it until I am ready to cook it.

100 Calorie Bagels by Pepperidge Farm

Hey everyone so I wanted to show the actual packaging of the 100 Calorie Bagels by Pepperidge Farm that I talk so much about. I love them and they are really a great alternative to regular bagels. You can not even tell the difference because these bagels are just as tasty not to mention low in calories. In my opinion they are even better then a regular bagel .I have the Plain and Cinnamon flavored bagels and I plan to try different flavors in the future.

What's For Breakfast ?

Hey everyone this morning I was craving an egg sandwich so I decided to make scrambled eggs with unions on a bagel. I had two eggs and I added a little bit of black pepper and cut up unions for flavor.

(2011 Summer Shape It Up Challenge Week #7)

Hey beautiful people today is the end ofWeek#7for me and I am happy to report that I weighed in this morning at222 lbs. That is a loss of-4 lbsthis week. This week was such a great week for me. I have lost exactly-25 lbs in total andI  decided to try on a pair of size 16 capris that could not  fit me anymore. In the past when I attempted to fit into it I could not get it  to zip up and if I did my stomach would split into two sections and trust me it was not pretty at all. Well  today I tried it on and it glided on my body and zipped up with ease. I did not have a  muffin top and it really looked very nice on me. I normally wear a 17/18 sometimes 20 but it really depends on the fit.  Most of the clothing that I wear are stretchy and I really wanted to try on something true to size to see if there was a difference. As you loose weight you really do not see a difference especially when you wear stretchy clothing so this was just  an experiment for me lol. Well with my rec…

Waiting For That Moment

I find myself at times wishing that I could rush the entire process of my weightloss journey so that I can be at my goal already. I want this more then anything and the fact that it is with in arms reach makes me feel even more anxious week after week. I find myself invisioning exactly how I would look but these thoughts are moments of a blurr. Everyday I feel that I am looking at the same person unaware of the slight changes that I have made thus far.I remind myself to be patient but I can not help but wonder what if? I am ready for this change and I will not stop until I see it the results that I want. Although I have neglected taking pictures of myself due to making a promise to do so only when I am exactly my target weight goal I  decided to break that promise today. I decided to take a picture of myself in my dance unitard to see if the camera sees something that my naked eye has not been able to see. Well instantly after looking at the pictures I was able to pin point many area…

The Past To The Present & My Spiritual Reconnection

New Commitment

I vowed to myself that this would be the end of my pattern of inconsistency and decided to work towards becoming a happier and healthier person .One thing that I will never forget is how I got to this point


As I reflect back, I seem to focus in on the fact that I struggled really hard with my excessive weight gain after highschool. This issue weighed heavily on my happiness and I was in a dark place during that time frame. In result of that issue I battled with feelings of depression, self doubt, and sadness. There were quite a few specific instances that made me turn to food for comfort but I do not want to go into great detail on this blog.  During that I time I can say that I tried to numb my pain with foods that were not healthy for me but it made me feel good inside temporarily. Some people may turn to alcohol or drugs but I turned to food. I remember pushing myself away from the people who truly loved me the most because I really felt no one understood w…

What's For Breakfast ? 05/26/11

Goodmorning everyone, I decided to start my morning off with Banana Nut Oatmeal and a 100 Calorie Bagel for Breakfast. Mmmmmmm hmmmmmm Yummy :) I must say.  I purchased an assorted pack of Oatmeal with many flavors so that I can have variety when eating Oatmeal. Banana Nut is actually one of my favorite flavors and it is only 180 calories. I  love to have Oatmeal with a Banana or slice of Toast/Bagel with butter. I am so happy that I found these 100 Calorie Bagels because there are so good and is an excellent substitute for a regular Bagel. Just so you know I added a little bit of the 0 Calorie Butter on my Bagel opposed to regular butter. My Breakfast was exactly 280 calories and it is truly a great option for Breakfast.

*The Oatmeal came out a little dry but normally it is thick and creamy.

What's For Breakfast ? 05/23/11

Hey everyone so this morning I had "Whole Wheat Blueberry Waffles" for the very first time for breakfast. I just toasted it for a few minutes then I added "Mrs Butter Worth's Sugar Free Syrup" and a little bit of "I Can Not Believe it is Butter 0 Calorie Spray".

Check out more pictures below.

What's For Dinner ? 05/22/11

Hey everyone so today I decided to make a "Porkchop Salad." I used the same exact seasoning and salad dressing as my past "What's For Dinner ? & "Grilled Cheeseburger" Blogpost.

* I left the Porkchop too long on the grill that is why it is slightly dark on the top.

Whats For Dinner ? 05/21/11

Hey everyone, so since I am cooking more often these days, I decided to start a new segment on my blog basically showing you what I am eating from breakfast to dinner. Sooooo today for dinner I made a "Fish Salad" and I am sure that you already know that I grilled my fish on my new foreman grill lol. Omg I want to cook everything on it. Well anyway let me tell you all that it is soooooooo good and I am not a fish type of person so with that being said I can say that this "Fish Salad" has definitely exceeded my expectations in every way possible.  Well anyway as far as how I prepared dinner, first I defrosted the fish the night before.Then today I boiled the fish and seasoned it with the same exact seasoning that I used in the the "Grilled Cheeseburger" blogpost. From there I allowed it to cook and that was it. Lastly add lettuce and salad dressing (Ken's Raspberry Walnut). This was actually my first time trying out this particular salad dressing. It i…

The New & Improved Jill Scott

Wow doesn't she look amazing? omg she is such an inspiration. This is the year to make our dreams come true. Why let our weight hold us back? Everyone is getting sexy and healthy for 2011 and I am next lol. I love this photo I want to take a similar photo.

Problem Area "Stomach Fat" Resolution: "Slimmer Belt"

Hey everyone so almost everyone I know who is on a weightloss journey has been talking about the "Slimmer Belt" . The "Slimmer Belt" is said to help target stomach fat and many other good things. One of my problem areas on my body is my stomach. With that being said I will do whatever it takes to get it to be flat. I think the Slimmer Belt is what I need in my life. So today I went to Target to go grocery shopping and of course I detoured into the makeup department and exercise department. If you want to know what I purchased in the makeup aisle checkout my previous blog post. Anyway so I decided to purchase a "Slimmer Belt" and it cost $10.49. It is made by Bell and the style is Classic. I purchased it in a size lg-xl and it fits very nice. I will be using it later on today to weight train and I will let you know how I feel about it.

The "Slimmer Belt" is said to: Boost the benefits of your regular workoutRetains moisture warmth, so you shed exce…

Full Body Shot Weightloss Photo Comparison Update

Just so all of you know I will post  full body shot photos of myself once I reach my first goal of 200 lbs. I will have a special blog post comparing photos of myself at my heaviest and of me at goal. So I just wanted to put that out there just because I know that I have not posted any photos of my full body yet. I just want to wait for the perfect time and with - 26 lbs left to lose I want you to know that it will be happening real soon. Honestly I can not wait to get to goal because once I do I will finally get to use my Photography camera and take some really nice updated full body shot photos and I can finally feel  more confident with my body. My full body shot photos will be a mini photoshoot in which I will get dolled up from hair to makeup and new clothing. So stay tuned I promise it will be worth the wait.

How To Make A Grilled Cheeseburger

Hey everyone so I made a cheese burger on my foreman grill today for the first time and it is soooooooo good. I decided to show you all how I made it with a "Mini Size Pictorial" below. I want to also let you know that I used a 100 calorie bun that I purchased from Target and a regular hamburger with lettuce, mayo, ketchup, and fat free shredded cheese. Trust me it does taste as good as it looks :) I figured if I make it myself and substitute healthier options I will save myself from alot of calories opposed to buying a store bought cheeseburger.
Enjoy :)

* I do plan to make great use of my foreman grill because it is the healthiest and most convenient option for me.

(2011 Summer Shape Up Challenge Week #6)

Hey everyone so another week completed and I honestly can not believe it is May 21st already wow times fly huh? Well I weighed in this morning at 226 lbs. That is a loss of - 2 lbs. I worked out everyday this week and I continued to eat well. Honestly I thought I would of lost more weight but I am happy with loosing - 2 lbs this week. As long as I continue to progress forward that is all that matters to me. I must say that I am just greatful to say in exactly a month and a half I have lost - 21 lbs. This is such an accomplishment and I am so proud of myself. In due time I will be where I ultimately would like to be. So in the meantime I will continue working towards my goal.

As a reward I treated myself to new makeup. I went to Target today to go grocery shopping and of course I detoured to the makeup section lol. I bought a few Elf eyeshadows, a Elf makeup brush, and Elf makeup remover pads. Everything was for $1.00 except for the makeup remover pads which were $3.00.

This week I did n…

Workout Options

I am guilty of getting bored easily with working out. I need constant change in order to fulfill my short attention span. As many of you know from my last post I stated that I have been working reguarly with my Kukuwa Dance DVD. There are three levels on  ranging from beginner to advanced.The workouts are from 30 minutes to an hour.I absolutely love this dvd and always get a great workout. So I am looking to try different workout dvds just so I can have options when working out. Below are the various workouts that I will include or have included in my workout routine.

Urban Rebounding

I have decided to make use of old DVD's and Workout Equipment that I have that I barely use. So with my new found energy today I decided to use my Urban Rebounder. Today I worked out using the Beginner Workout. I believe it was for 15-20minutes. Honestly it felt great to complete the entire workout without getting tired. In the past I could not even get through five minutes without feeling fatigued a…

Getting Closer To My Weight Goal

Hey everyone, so I was just sitting here thinking and I can not believe that I am only - 28 lbs away from my first weight goal. I am working out 45 to 60 minutes a day 5 to 6 days a week now opposed to 30 minutes a day 2 to 3 days a week. This change has me feeling like I am a different person. I love the rush I get when I am working out because it makes me feel soooooooo good. I want to get to my goal before the end of the summer so I am determined to continue to work hard to stay focused and maintain working out daily. I love a challenge so I need to do this for results.

I know that my summer goal will be achieved and I am very excited about it. I am now focusing on what will be my reward to myself. I am so close to it that I can just feel it at arms reach. I decided that I would like to go shopping and buy new clothes at my favorite stores because I will finally have the chance to actually shop because I will be able to fit into the clothes. Hopefully at 200 lbs I will be a size …

Small Improvements is Really What Makes A Big Difference

Hey everyone, so today I wanted to blog about how I have noticed that the smallest improvements during my weightloss journey so far has made such a big difference in how I feel today. I recently have noticed that I have this new found energy. This is a new feeling for me and it feel so good. I really do feel that loosing weight is helping me feel so much better doing daily activities and workouts. Honestly I am so pleased with my progress so far and I have watched myself go from being lazy,tired, and out of breathe to now feeling the complete opposite.  I also have noticed that I do not think about  food as much as I used to before. I  eat because I have to not because I think I am hungry. Now I channel out my feelings in a positive manner by  keeping myself productive. I enjoy putting my thoughts down on a piece of paper/the BHM forum/ my blog or just by exercising. I am not perfect and I do have moments when I feel down and stress out over wanting to see drastic results. But …

Quote of The Day

"It is so easy to judge others but if you were the one being judged how would you feel?"

Raven Simone's Recent Weightloss (My Thoughts)

Good Morning everyone, I know it is early but I am at work and I just saw came across an article featuring Raven Simone about her new look and weightloss and thought I would share my thoughts.
I feel that she looks great and it is crazy that many bloggers are saying that she lost too much weight and even suggested she had some form of medical procedure discrediting her efforts to regain her happiness and health through exercise and dieting. Many are even saying that she is suffering from anorexia and the list can go one and on. I do not understand why people always feel the need to judge and it seems as though there are way to many people out there who just prefer to bring people down then to bring them up. When she was much heavier she had a lot of backlash of how she was obsessed with food and gave up on life etc. Now that she  finally decided to do something about it and is slim and fit looking, everyone still has even more to say about her recent weightloss. This just…

(2011 Summer Shape Up Challenge Week #5)

Hey everyone so I weighed in this morning and I lost -3 lbs for the week. I am now 228 lbs. I have lost a total of -19 lbs so far on this challenge. Although I am feeling happy with my progress I just do not see much of any difference as of yet. I am not giving up I just want to see a drastic difference to reinforce all of my hard work that is all. I am trying just to remind myself to be patient and not think about it to much so that I do not dwell on something that I can not control, but it is sooooooo hard. I find myself looking in the mirror and just saying to myself I look the same. On another note I worked out a lot this week. I am so proud of myself because my stamina has increased so much that I am able to workout and get through them successfully. For the last month I remained on the first level of my dance dvd workout. This week I advanced to the second and today I felt a need for a bigger challenge so I advanced to the third level. I am going to stay there from now on becaus…

My Celebrity Weightloss Motivations

It is so inspiring to see photos like these because, if they can do it so can we.

No more excuses everyone, if you want something really bad just go for it.