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07/2017 Shapewear Hacks Video (Curvy Snatched Edition)/Waist Training Tips + Affordable Deals

*Disclaimer sorry guys but I didnt relaize until after recording the video one eyelash was hanging on its last strand from falling off lmao.

Hey luvs so I am back today sharing with you all essential affordable key pieces that you need in your wardrobe if you want to look snatched. Why pay double the price from Instagram boutiques or exspensive brands like squeem. You can instead get comparable items way less and it is just as effective to get the snatched look. I am also going to give you all my opinion and advice because I bought all these items with my own money.…

07/2017 WLS (VSG) Was It Worth It ? The Truth: Complications/Setbacks/Benefits/Mental Health/Loose Skin/+ Tips

Hey my luvs so I am back today with an honest and real video giving you my thoughts on whether or not if,having weight loss surgery (wls) was it worth it?. I am a year and 10 months post op and I feel that I can now give you all my thoughts. I also will share with you tips, motivation, advice, and encouragement aswell. This journey isn't easy but its important to know what to really expect. I am almost at - 120 lbs lost and this was a tool I made into a lifestyle and plan to continue to do so.

Follow my VSG journey from the begining.

Tina's Beauty Corner: Aliexpress Haul 6/2017 (Luxury On A Budget)

Hey everyone so I am back today with a haul showing you things that I have purchased on aliexpress. Everything is budget friendly and dupes to many major name brands. These items are replicas and clearly not the real thing but for the price who cares right ? I have provided links for you all so get it while you can because these items go quick. Everything was purchased with my own money fyi. I love these items and wanted to share hope you all enjoy.

The clothing pieces were purchased in a size medium and very true to size.

Chanel Sweatshirt:$11.54

Balenciago (Ballinciaga) Sweatsuit: $12.99

Vogue Sweatshirt: $…