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Weekly Wrap Up and New Goals For The New Week of 05/27/12

Hey my luvs, so I am back with a quick weekly update. This week was a great week up until yesterday. Although I had a moment I still managed to keep myself in line by not going overboard. I did loose a few pounds and that made me really happy. I worked out several times this week but not as much as I orginally planned to. My work pants is still snug on me so I know I need to workout more so I can see and feel the inches fall off. I use my work pants as an indication if I lost weight or not because it is a size 12. It fits but is extremley snug around the tummy area. This week I plan to increase my work out plan and stick to it. It is getting beyond hot and I have felt so  irritable especially due to the thought of redoing my hair. Anywho this blog is really short see you all next week.

Weekly Wrap Up and New Goals For The New Week of 05/19/12

My Week/My Personal Insecurities

Hey my Luvs, this week was not the best for me at all. I had the worst  menstrual cramps and literally every day my cramps  has gotten worse. I literally overdosed on Midol and Tylenol the entire week not to mention I haven't had a lot of water because I felt so bloated (worst mistake ever).  I had work so I had to suck it up everyday this week and I really felt so miserable in the process. I feel a tab bit better today but other than that I feel sleepy, cranky and extra hungry right now. I am really nervous about weighing in tomorrow and I have been avoiding the scale all week because I have had quite a few cheat meals (I truly have been such a bad girl :/  ). With all of that it is crazy because alot of people have been complimenting me on my weight loss but I still feel fat especially because this week I consumed alot of Carbs and the feeling of being bloated will have anyone feel like a huge balloon which is why I hate  both combinations. I'…

Blog Luvs I am Officially Back/Updates 05/12)

I'm Back
Hey luvs, I know I have not posted a real blog in a really long time, and I really apologize about that. Summer is almost here and I will have so more time to make blogs.  Since the end of last summer I have been working full time overnight and going to school and my schedule has been really crazy. As you all know I like my blog posts to be thorough and this is also another reason why I  haven't had  time to make a real blog especially with the limited time that I have had. In the meantime I found it easier to quickly upload YT videos time to time and also post Instagram photos so that I can atleast try to stay some what active. So if you haven't yet please follow me so that when I am not on here as much you know where to find me lol.

Anyway I am still working on getting to my ultimate goal of 160 lbs. I am almost there and it feels great actually. It is truly a surreal experience of how much progress that I have made thus far. I can finally see the results and I …