Whats For Dinner ? 05/21/11

Hey everyone, so since I am cooking more often these days, I decided to start a new segment on my blog basically showing you what I am eating from breakfast to dinner. Sooooo today for dinner I made a "Fish Salad" and I am sure that you already know that I grilled my fish on my new foreman grill lol. Omg I want to cook everything on it. Well anyway let me tell you all that it is soooooooo good and I am not a fish type of person so with that being said I can say that this "Fish Salad" has definitely exceeded my expectations in every way possible.  Well anyway as far as how I prepared dinner, first I defrosted the fish the night before.Then today I boiled the fish and seasoned it with the same exact seasoning that I used in the the "Grilled Cheeseburger" blogpost. From there I allowed it to cook and that was it. Lastly add lettuce and salad dressing (Ken's Raspberry Walnut). This was actually my first time trying out this particular salad dressing. It is quite tasty I must say and although I had my reservations it was worth actually trying. I bought it simply because I wanted a healthier option for salad dressing. Truth is there are way to many salad dressings that I love but realistically they are very high in sodium and calories. The great thing about this salad dressing is that it is only 1 calorie and you can not go wrong.

Check out more pictures below.

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