Small Improvements is Really What Makes A Big Difference

Hey everyone, so today I wanted to blog about how I have noticed that the smallest improvements during my weightloss journey so far has made such a big difference in how I feel today. I recently have noticed that I have this new found energy. This is a new feeling for me and it feel so good. I really do feel that loosing weight is helping me feel so much better doing daily activities and workouts. Honestly I am so pleased with my progress so far and I have watched myself go from being lazy,tired, and out of breathe to now feeling the complete opposite.  I also have noticed that I do not think about  food as much as I used to before. I  eat because I have to not because I think I am hungry. Now I channel out my feelings in a positive manner by  keeping myself productive. I enjoy putting my thoughts down on a piece of paper/the BHM forum/ my blog or just by exercising. I am not perfect and I do have moments when I feel down and stress out over wanting to see drastic results. But I do not let that bring me down and make me resort to my old ways instead it makes me work even harder. I want this so bad and truthfully that it is what keeps me on track. I have to constantly remind myself to not expect a miracle and to let things happen as they are intended. I know that in due time I will see a difference and it will be well worth it the end.