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Raven Simone's Recent Weightloss (My Thoughts)

Good Morning everyone, I know it is early but I am at work and I just saw came across an article featuring Raven Simone about her new look and weightloss and thought I would share my thoughts.

I feel that she looks great and it is crazy that many bloggers are saying that she lost too much weight and even suggested she had some form of medical procedure discrediting her efforts to regain her happiness and health through exercise and dieting. Many are even saying that she is suffering from anorexia and the list can go one and on. I do not understand why people always feel the need to judge and it seems as though there are way to many people out there who just prefer to bring people down then to bring them up. When she was much heavier she had a lot of backlash of how she was obsessed with food and gave up on life etc. Now that she  finally decided to do something about it and is slim and fit looking, everyone still has even more to say about her recent weightloss. This just shows that no matter what you do people will always find find a way to just hate on you. I feel that if she is happy with her body that is all that matters. It is so easy to get wrapped up in to what others are saying and we need to learn that we can not please everyone.

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