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Getting Closer To My Weight Goal

Hey everyone, so I was just sitting here thinking and I can not believe that I am only - 28 lbs away from my first weight goal. I am working out 45 to 60 minutes a day 5 to 6 days a week now opposed to 30 minutes a day 2 to 3 days a week. This change has me feeling like I am a different person. I love the rush I get when I am working out because it makes me feel soooooooo good. I want to get to my goal before the end of the summer so I am determined to continue to work hard to stay focused and maintain working out daily. I love a challenge so I need to do this for results.

I know that my summer goal will be achieved and I am very excited about it. I am now focusing on what will be my reward to myself. I am so close to it that I can just feel it at arms reach. I decided that I would like to go shopping and buy new clothes at my favorite stores because I will finally have the chance to actually shop because I will be able to fit into the clothes. Hopefully at 200 lbs I will be a size 13/14. I believe I will be because that was my senior year of h.s weight and size. We will see just because I am a little unsure because since highschool my body has developed more as far as my thighs and chest area. Once I approach 210 lbs I will know for sure if it will be a definite and I will keep you all posted. Either way I refuse to buy new clothes until I get to a size 13/14. So if I accomplish my weight goal of 200 lbs and I am not a size 13/14 I will still continue to focus on my next goal and just wait it out to buy new clothes. I am more then confident that I will be close to a size 13/14 once I am with in 200 lbs to 185 lbs because that was my lowest my senior year and 200 lbs was my heaviest. So with that being said it is now "Crunch Time"
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