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Workout Options

I am guilty of getting bored easily with working out. I need constant change in order to fulfill my short attention span. As many of you know from my last post I stated that I have been working reguarly with my Kukuwa Dance DVD. There are three levels on  ranging from beginner to advanced.The workouts are from 30 minutes to an hour.I absolutely love this dvd and always get a great workout. So I am looking to try different workout dvds just so I can have options when working out. Below are the various workouts that I will include or have included in my workout routine.

                                                  Urban Rebounding

I have decided to make use of old DVD's and Workout Equipment that I have that I barely use. So with my new found energy today I decided to use my Urban Rebounder. Today I worked out using the Beginner Workout. I believe it was for 15-20minutes. Honestly it felt great to complete the entire workout without getting tired. In the past I could not even get through five minutes without feeling fatigued and in result I would give up.  I purchased my Urban Rebounder two years ago after seeing an informecial and I paid close to $200.00 for it then. The price has significantly reduced and it is now being sold for $89.95.

Details here

Here is a short clip showing you what to expect.


I also did the 60 minute Kukuwa (Advanced) workout today . Just so you know I actually bought the Kukuwa DVD about three years ago. I purchased it on Ebay for $17.99. I was on Youtube one day searching for Caribbean Dance Workouts and stumbled upon a Youtube video and instantly wanted it so I ordered it.

Details can be found on her website. She actually has a new workout DVD in which I plan to get soon.

Her is a video clip on what to expect from her new workout dvd.

                                         Taebo Bootcamp

I recently started using my TaeboBoot DVD to Workout. I did the basic training dvd on Sunday for the first time in a very longtime. It is a 45 minutes workout and  involves kickboxing moves and is very intense. I was actually inspired to restart because of a BHM sister of mine"PrettyPeal09" She did a blog on the workout and was doing a Taebo Workout Challenge. I figured since I have it I might aswell make use of it aswell lol. I originally purchased it when it first came out. I honestly do not remember how much I paid for it. It is now sold pretty much everywhere so you can google it and find the best price.

Here is a video clip on what to expect.

                                                 Ab Lounge

I also have an Ab Lounge machine and I intend to start using it on my "Cool Down Days". On "Cool Down Days" I will focus on using Low Intensity Workouts and Weight Training. I intend to use the Ab Lounge, lift weights, & stretch. I bought my Ab Lounge machine in a garage sale for $10.00 several years ago lol

                                         Dance to Ipod

I also plan to have certain days to dance to my Ipod for 30 minutes or more. I love to dance and I recently downloaded the latest upbeat reggae and many high energy songs to keep me pumped up when dancing. So I am excited about that because I love music and when I listen to music I feel like I am in a different world.

Anyway so that is about it. I just wanted to share with you all my updated workout options in case any of you wanted to know what kind of exercise do I do.

If you try any let me know :)

Anywho see you all tomorrow for my 6th Week Weigh-In


Christina said…
I was just reading your blog. I still like it. I switch up my workouts too. It feels more like a routine if I do it a certain way at a certain time. Maybe that's my way of rebelling lol.

Blessings Christina

I know this is an old post, but I like seeing the beginning of things :@).