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Waiting For That Moment

I find myself at times wishing that I could rush the entire process of my weightloss journey so that I can be at my goal already. I want this more then anything and the fact that it is with in arms reach makes me feel even more anxious week after week. I find myself invisioning exactly how I would look but these thoughts are moments of a blurr. Everyday I feel that I am looking at the same person unaware of the slight changes that I have made thus far.I remind myself to be patient but I can not help but wonder what if? I am ready for this change and I will not stop until I see it the results that I want. Although I have neglected taking pictures of myself due to making a promise to do so only when I am exactly my target weight goal I  decided to break that promise today. I decided to take a picture of myself in my dance unitard to see if the camera sees something that my naked eye has not been able to see. Well instantly after looking at the pictures I was able to pin point many areas of improvement of my body. That was a reassurance for me to realize that I am slowly getting there. Waiting for that moment was well worth it. I am even more excited to see how much more of a difference that I will be able to see when I get to my first goal but you all have to wait and see :).