(2011 Summer Shape It Up Challenge Week #7)

Hey beautiful people today is the end of  Week#7 for me and I am happy to report that I weighed in this morning at 222 lbs. That is a loss of -4 lbs this week. This week was such a great week for me. I have lost exactly -25 lbs  in total and I  decided to try on a pair of size 16 capris that could not  fit me anymore. In the past when I attempted to fit into it I could not get it  to zip up and if I did my stomach would split into two sections and trust me it was not pretty at all. Well  today I tried it on and it glided on my body and zipped up with ease. I did not have a  muffin top and it really looked very nice on me. I normally wear a 17/18 sometimes 20 but it really depends on the fit.  Most of the clothing that I wear are stretchy and I really wanted to try on something true to size to see if there was a difference. As you loose weight you really do not see a difference especially when you wear stretchy clothing so this was just  an experiment for me lol. Well with my recent weight gain I just felt comfortable wearing clothing that were stretchy. As I continue to loose weight I want to get back into wearing fitted clothing. I promised myself once I can get into a size 13/14 I would get new clothing because refuse to buy any new clothing until then.

As you know I made changes in my meal regimen. I substituted my Smart One Dinner & Dessert for a Salad, Protein, and a 100 Calorie Snack. For lunch I always have a Salad and Protein so that remained the same. I feel that making that change for dinner from Pasta to a Salad and Protein really allowed my body to adapt differently. I say this because for my first month on my weightloss journey I have been eating the samething everyday and my weightloss has been steadily been the same averaging two to three pounds a week. For Breakfast I eat whatever I want but with moderation. If you are interested in knowing some of the things that I have had for breakfast check out my meal blogposts. I plan to do this for another month then I will switch back to Smart Ones, I am just going to switch up it up every month or so. Well as you all know I have been working out like a mad woman this entire month. I work out pretty much every single day. I do Cardio everyday and Weight training every other day on my Cool Down Days. I feel so good there are no words for my energy. I look forward to working out and when I first started this journey I really did not look forward to it as much. I am in a happy place and that is making this journey so much easier for me.

I  have been working so hard to be consistent with staying on track and documenting my entire process and blogging is helping me alot . Every week I am getting closer and closer to my goal and that feeling is so refreshing because it goes to show how much I want this change for a healthier life.

Well everyone continue to stay focused because we all will get there. Ok I know I wrote an entire essay but I just wanted to share my thoughts with you all. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend. Although I will be working  it is ok because I need the extra money so that i can stack up stacking up now and when I am ready to go shopping I will be able to get everything that I want.