Quick Tip : "Progress Photo Pictures"

 I want share a quick tip with anyone out there who is loosing weight and finds it frustrating that they do not see a difference in their appearance just by looking in the mirror. I was guilty feeling that way until I decided to take a picture of myself in my dance unitard and once I reviewed the photos I was able to notice that I was infact loosing weight and making progress in my appearance. Fact is if you look at yourself in the mirror everyday you won't see much of a difference. I  had to refrain myself from being obsessed with constantly looking at myself in the mirror because it became so frustrating. I had to remind that I am doing the right thing and in due time I will see a drastic difference in my appearance and to be patient. In the mean time I will continue to work hard and take progress photos every 20 lbs that I loose.I would not recommend that you take a picture of yourself everyday to track your progress. I think that you should take progress pictures of yourself every month or every 20 to 30 lbs. Honestly if I did not take any progress pictures this week of myself I really would not have been able to tell if I lost any weight, especially if I kept looking at myself in the mirror. So everyone try it and I know you will see a difference.
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