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Flabby Arms & Weightloss

I have been so frustrated with how flabby my arms look with my recent weightloss of -25 lbs. I don't understand how is it that when I weighed 260 lbs at my heaviest my arms were solid but currently at 222 lbs they are flabby. I really feel that loosing weight has made my arms appear extremely flabby and I just hate it. I am so embarrassed to even lift up my arms because they look horrible. The weird thing is I workout everyday and I have been weight training aswell. I thought that loosing weight would make my arms solid . Well it has been bugging me alot so I have been on a hunt to look for as much information as I can to figure out what I should do about this. Well I stumbled upon this article titled "How to Loose Arm Fat Fast" and this is what caught my attention, "Aerobic activity is an excellent arm fat burning method.  You should also make sure that you are doing aerobic activity on a regular basis to burn away extra body fat.  To benefit the most from your aerobic activity, in terms of losing arm fat, perform a light amount of strength training for your arms before and after your aerobic workout.  This will cause those areas to burn more than they would if you just did the aerobic activity alone.  You should not do a full strength training routine, because you will be using your arms during your aerobic workout.  Cut the usual repetitions in half, and then do the aerobic activity. There is no exact science that will help you to simply lose arm fat alone.  The best thing that you can do is make sure that you give attention to your arm fat, and make sure that you exercise your whole body.  Your heart pumps faster and burns more fat when you are working more than one muscle group.  If you start to lose arm fat, you will probably notice that other areas will slim down as well.  Reducing the overall amount of fat in your body is a good thing, so go for it.  Just know that there aren't any magical arm fat eliminating workouts." So this article reconfirms that this is the process that I will have to undergo inorder to loose my arm fat and that I am doing everything right. I guess I just need to be patient and continue to workout daily and that will help my arms to slim down and tone up aswell.