(2011 Summer Shape Up Challenge Week #5)

Hey everyone so I weighed in this morning and I lost -3 lbs for the week. I am now 228 lbs. I have lost a total of -19 lbs so far on this challenge. Although I am feeling happy with my progress I just do not see much of any difference as of yet. I am not giving up I just want to see a drastic difference to reinforce all of my hard work that is all. I am trying just to remind myself to be patient and not think about it to much so that I do not dwell on something that I can not control, but it is sooooooo hard. I find myself looking in the mirror and just saying to myself I look the same. On another note I worked out a lot this week. I am so proud of myself because my stamina has increased so much that I am able to workout and get through them successfully. For the last month I remained on the first level of my dance dvd workout. This week I advanced to the second and today I felt a need for a bigger challenge so I advanced to the third level. I am going to stay there from now on because it is intense and works out all the core areas I would like to work on. This weightloss journey will be a long journey and I am so used to wanting quick fixes in unrealistic timing but I now know I need strengthen my patience and just allow things to happen when they happen. Sighhhhhhhh I am feeling down just because I just feel like I am obsessing too much and even though I need to stop I can not help but still feel the same. I am going to work on it I promise. There is something personal bothering me as well and it is just bringing me to a sad place tonight. I am going to pray on it focus on the positive because I deserve to be happy and greatful for my accomplishments and progress to becoming a happier person inside and out.

Love You All
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