Problem Area "Stomach Fat" Resolution: "Slimmer Belt"

Hey everyone so almost everyone I know who is on a weightloss journey has been talking about the "Slimmer Belt" . The "Slimmer Belt" is said to help target stomach fat and many other good things. One of my problem areas on my body is my stomach. With that being said I will do whatever it takes to get it to be flat. I think the Slimmer Belt is what I need in my life. So today I went to Target to go grocery shopping and of course I detoured into the makeup department and exercise department. If you want to know what I purchased in the makeup aisle checkout my previous blog post. Anyway so I decided to purchase a "Slimmer Belt" and it cost $10.49. It is made by Bell and the style is Classic. I purchased it in a size lg-xl and it fits very nice. I will be using it later on today to weight train and I will let you know how I feel about it.

The "Slimmer Belt" is said to:
  • Boost the benefits of your regular workout
  • Retains moisture warmth, so you shed excess water weight around your midsection as you exercise
*Update: Hey everyone so I just finished working out with the "Slimmer Belt" and I must admit that I really like it. I noticed that my midsection was extremely sweaty and I really like the support it gave me as I worked out. I also noticed that it held my stomach in place which is a plus. As far as my "Cool Down Day Workout" I did the 30 minute Kukuwa Dance Workout, 5 reps of 15 on the Ab Lounge, and to many to count reps focusing on my arms with my 4 lb (dumbells) . I am exhausted now and I am going to rest for a little bit. Ughhhhhhhhhhh I have worked out like a mad woman this week grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol this can not be so I do not even know who I am anymore lol . Tina Diva is really taking control of me because she really wants her sexy back.
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