What's For Breakfast ? 05/26/11

Goodmorning everyone, I decided to start my morning off with Banana Nut Oatmeal and a 100 Calorie Bagel for Breakfast. Mmmmmmm hmmmmmm Yummy :) I must say.  I purchased an assorted pack of Oatmeal with many flavors so that I can have variety when eating Oatmeal. Banana Nut is actually one of my favorite flavors and it is only 180 calories. I  love to have Oatmeal with a Banana or slice of Toast/Bagel with butter. I am so happy that I found these 100 Calorie Bagels because there are so good and is an excellent substitute for a regular Bagel. Just so you know I added a little bit of the 0 Calorie Butter on my Bagel opposed to regular butter. My Breakfast was exactly 280 calories and it is truly a great option for Breakfast.

*The Oatmeal came out a little dry but normally it is thick and creamy.