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(2011 Summer Shape Up Challenge Week #6)

Hey everyone so another week completed and I honestly can not believe it is May 21st already wow times fly huh? Well I weighed in this morning at 226 lbs. That is a loss of - 2 lbs. I worked out everyday this week and I continued to eat well. Honestly I thought I would of lost more weight but I am happy with loosing - 2 lbs this week. As long as I continue to progress forward that is all that matters to me. I must say that I am just greatful to say in exactly a month and a half I have lost - 21 lbs. This is such an accomplishment and I am so proud of myself. In due time I will be where I ultimately would like to be. So in the meantime I will continue working towards my goal.

As a reward I treated myself to new makeup. I went to Target today to go grocery shopping and of course I detoured to the makeup section lol. I bought a few Elf eyeshadows, a Elf makeup brush, and Elf makeup remover pads. Everything was for $1.00 except for the makeup remover pads which were $3.00.

This week I did not buy any Smart One Meals or Desserts. I just decided to switch up my meal plan because I get bored quick and I always need change. I went grocery shopping today and I purchased two bags of Mixed Salad, Pork Chops, Hamburger Meat, fat free WW Cream Cheese, Oatmeal, Skin Milk, 100 Calorie Lite Bagels, Special K Cereal, Whole Wheat Blueberry Waffles, Sugar Free Syrup, tangerines, bananas, 0 Calorie Spray Butter, Eggs, Wheat Toast, Tuna, Fat Free Shredded Cheese, 100 Calorie Snack, Shake & Go(Peach), and 50 Calorie/ 9 Grams Sugar Popsicles. I am sorry that I did not take pictures of everything but I came home unbagged everything and then realized that I should of taken pictures. I promise I will next time. Below I will a list a sample meal plan.

.Bagel & Cream Cheese
.Oatmeal & a Banana
.One cup of Cereal/Skim Milk & a Banana
.Two Waffles & Syrup
.Slice of Wheat Toast & 0 Calorie Spray Butter
.2 Boiled or Scrambled Eggs With A Slice of Wheat Toast or Bagel or Just 2 Eggs of Choice

.Porkchop & Salad or Corn
Tuna on  Bagel
.Hamburger/Cheeseburger on Bagel
.Oatmeal & a Banana

.100 Calorie Snack

*I drink Water & Shake & Go's unlimitedly.